seasoned Prot warrior LF BFA raiding guild

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Hello, Looking for a new home for BFA Currently an alpha tester, but would like to find a home for the new expansion. Mythic exp. Looking to atleast push heroics at a steady pace would love to push mythics. Looking for early in the morning or late at night raid times. EXP started in classic, been playing ever since took a few breaks because of burnout but wanting to jump back into it!
Add me on Bnet RoboWizard#11285 or on discord Doubt#8002
Gear is lacking currently, but working on it slowly while also working in alpha testing.
Thanks for the look have a good day!
Hi Khelben,

We're currently recruiting officers for our reroll and will be recruiting members soon. If you're interested in an officer position check out the post below. It will also be updated with a link to the regular recruitment post when that starts if you're not interested in an officer role. Either way, I wish you the best of luck finding the right home.

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