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Hi all,

A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – The MOTHERLODE!! - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

Is that brilliant name actually staying? I love it!
Hi. My character died to trash shortly after the second boss of this dungeon. When I released it spawned me underneath the ground where I chain DC'd. I'd really appreciate if you could move him to a place where I can log into since he is level 116 with a decent chunk of hours played. I believe the rest of my group is dealing with this issue as well.

Name: Dalarimon
Server: Anduin
just finish the instance and i have to say i do like it was really well done with a few bugs in it but did the feed back for that
I died from a chemical weapons attack from the third boss...
03/27/2018 06:26 PMPosted by Narator
I died from a chemical weapons attack from the third boss...

Venture CO cowards! At least have the nerve to test me steel to steel. Give me a proper death fiting of a lady of my class! Agent Azerite is no way to go!

(RP aside the dungeon was the best I've played in BFA!)

But as for feedback I think the spider mines after the third boss hit abit too hard for a normal dungeon. (Although I personally wouldnt mind if those goblins packed a little more explosives in those contraptions as going up in a firey blaze of glory would be a glorious doom indeed! But alas I think my fellow adventures like my pet orc above might have other ideas including a desire for a long life....)

First boss was mostly a tank and spank with a bit of facing the boss away to avoid the static pulse. (Which is if you ask me is a terrible shame. I think it should be a ring shaped AoE and thus harder to avoid and more likely to send me and my allies to Halls of Valor!)

Second boss felt alright for a normal dungeon even if it was more or less a tank and spank with a bit of add killing to stop AoE. (Although I personally wouldn't mind if that AoE hit a mangtiute of ten or thirty times harder! But then again I think most of my compaions would want to have a chance of pervailing against such a mighty foe!)

Third Boss as my pet orc mentioned was a bit of a nasty suprise as the dot could kill in 2 ticks which is rather strange for a normal dungeon. (But if you'd ask me I think it should kill in one even if death by a chemcial weapon isn't exactly the best way to go. But alas a glorious death is still a glorious death in the eyes of Odyn!)

The fourth boss was more or less a tank and spank for a melee with a bit of missle dodging for the ranged although my pet orc found out the hard way that the machine gun hits fairly hard but with some strafing was realtively easy to dodge. (But if you'd ask me I think Razzdunk should replace his Big Red Rocket with a laser gun so its impossible to dodge by my cowardly allies who keep running from it instead of guiding said rocket towards me! Thus robbing me of a mighty death!)

But other then that a fantastic adventure!
Overall I'd say the dungeon was pretty good, the only major problem I ran into was the bug when you died after the second boss, but it seems that was hotfixed. I thought that the last boss was really cool with how it was broken down into two different phases, it almost felt like a raid boss! Though the either the visuals or the speed of the gatling gun should be changed, for a normal run it felt a bit difficult to balance how far you should be from the boss and not get it. For heroic or mythic, it the speed felt fine.
The overall flow of the dungeon.

Overall, the pacing for the dungeon is slow but not monotonous. There is, in my opinion, far too much trash and not enough space to deal with said trash, and many packs get pulled on sheer accident of AoE, which at this stage of the game means a wipe or kite for your life. It is a massive dungeon, for sure, with little room to bypass mobs that are in the way.
Visuals, including creatures and environment.

The environment is amazing. While goblin architecture is visually unappealing, it lets you know that this is supposed to be a fun, light-hearted dungeon, with the ultimate goal of just relaxing. The mobs are fantastic. The boss quotes are hilarious. I didn't feel like anything was out of place.
Boss encounters and their mechanics.

The bosses are extremely well done. Between dialogue being over the top, hilarious, and their abilities packing a wallop not only in actual damage but visually, you find yourself wanting to get to the next one.

The only exception I had with this is the second boss, Azerokk, who, overall, didn't really feel like he belonged. His mechanics were still interesting, however, and I can forgive his presence as it makes sense with the story and the theme present.
Overall difficulty.

Dungeon difficulty was pretty much the same throughout, though once you get to the Mastermind's you easily get overwhelmed by just how powerful they are. Between being un-CCable, being uninterruptible, and their two abilities causing massive mayhem when not taken care of properly, they were the only parts of the dungeon where we had to slow down and employee CC strategies, which unfortunately left our warrior out of the picture.
Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered.

  • Mech Jockeys will bug out if there is no mech to activate and will simply cease all functions until they are killed.
  • Mastermind's Lash should be uninterruptible at the least purely on a positioning standpoint. They wont move at all once they start their first cast.
  • Rixxa needs a helmet on her model or her metallic additions need to be edited out of her voice acting.
  • Mogul says his intro line and start fight dialogue at the same time.
  • Last boss didn't even give us loot sparkles.
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon.

  • Too much trash.
  • Make the mine cart deal damage or make it more spectacular. It was cool for the first three seconds before it stopped and had no impact on the rest of the dungeon. It would be nice if we hilariously bulldozed through the first mob pack right at the end of the tracks to keep in feeling of the dungeon.
  • Again, make the Mastermind's Lash ability uninterruptible. Their Drain Orb is already powerful enough, cannot be interrupted, and you cannot position it unless everyone works in tandem.
  • Over all, I really liked the dungeon despite really hating the themes, environments, and tone most goblins bring, but this was a playful reminder of what Blizzard does right, which is to say dark themes paired with perfectly timed comic relief.
    Waaaaaay too much trash. The trash, as of now, is harder than the bosses, and takes up more of the dungeon.

    The visuals are nice, but I'm a bit sad that Kezan/Undermine was replaced with a goblin outpost on a random jungle island. Going back to Undermine and advancing the goblin story would have been way cooler.
    Three points of feedback:

    1) The Mech Jockeys felt impossible to kill before they got into their mech, even if we were focusing them

    2) The Moira-style orb ability of the post-second boss trash felt too strong. Even if it felt like the group was handling/reacting to it, there was still a large amount of nearly-unavoidable healing.

    3) I wish the mine cart ride in the middle of the dungeon was more theatrical. It felt a little meh. By contrast, the ride after the last boss was really cool.
    I think there was too much trash, or like someone else, the trash difficulty vs. boss difficulty ratio was pretty off.

    On the third boss, the Dungeon Journal says for the tank to aim her Agent Azerite ability in such a way that she doesn't get it all over the place, but there is no way that I found to control the ability. She sprayed it out at people wherever and whenever she felt like it, and though it never became overwhelming, I just didn't see a way to control it as implied. Maybe I misunderstood it?

    The trash was all pretty densely packed, which is no problem really, but a few of the mobs did knockbacks. My group pulled a lot of side packs which we tried to avoid, and I'm not sure there's any way we could have avoided that outcome. It didn't wipe us, but it got crazy sometimes.

    Leech orbs from the Mastermind trash were extremely obnoxious. We did learn to spread out as much as possible after a couple of them, it was a good learning experience.

    I think we only wiped once, but overall it went pretty well, and I liked the theme.
    The overall flow of the dungeon - I thought it was pretty good, there is a decent amount of trash but a lot of it is optional and allows for extra exploring and optimal M+ pathing. Loved the mine cart. I did agree with an above poster that the Mech Jockeys had a bit too much health. Maybe they should be more similar to the Torch-throwers in Court of Stars.

    Visuals, including creatures and environment - very good. Very unique dungeon, the goblin visuals were very well-done and I really felt I was in a big goblin factory. I enjoyed the lake with the "safety sharks" but I didn't jump time. I liked the crawler mines also.

    Boss encounters and their mechanics
    1st boss - Didn't realize you had to kick the bombs into the boss until he was almost dead. Felt a bit simplistic, maybe could use 1 or 2 more mechanics.
    2nd boss - I really enjoyed this rock boss. We missed some of the fracking totems but I liked the empowering of minions and especially liked his voice-acting.
    3rd boss - not too bad, fairly simple "move out of this" mechanics, though. Could use a bit more complex mechanics.
    4th boss - great boss, reminds me of Mimiron! The mechanic for him to drill onto the barrels was good. His gatling gun really rotates fast. I liked it.

    Overall difficulty - I mean, it was pretty easy but it was normal mode. I assume the mines will hit harder on heroic/mythic.

    Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered - nothing major, I reported minor bugs.

    Any other general thoughts about the dungeon - very unique! I like it. Should be a great dungeon in M+. I hope there are some hidden gems down the "deadend" pathways to find :)
    Overall i found the dungeon quite enjoyable to complete, the boss to trash scaling was way off. I do wish there was some context for going into the dungeon, as it felt we just landed on Kezan.

    Trash before Crowed Pummeler:
    - As people have mentioned the Mech Jockeys are pretty hard to kill before they jump into the mech assuming you don't have hard cc, and next to impossible if you pull multiple packs. Should they get into the mech they are more of an annoyance than a threat.

    Coin Operated Crowed Pummeler:
    - Simple encounter and easy to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Mecahnics are largely ignorable especially by melee unless you choose to kick the bombs into the boss for extra damage taken.

    Trash before Azerokk:
    - Trash for the most part is void of any difficulties, mechs can however one shot melee should the tank swivel to avoid mechanics.

    - While the boss is supposed to interact similar to the way Moroes, it felt more of a zerg than anything else, with the adds either dying really quickly or doing next to no damage should they reach there target.

    Rixa Fluxflame:
    - This is encounter was a complete and utter joke, all you did was side step the pushback and move out of the !@#$ you drop. I'd assume being in the knockback and hitting the crap you drop can insta kill, but for that to happen you'd need to be on auto pilot.

    Trash before and after Rixa Fluxflame:
    - To highly packed for the amount of pushbacks, leading to easy pulling of groups. Masterminds where obnoxious but easily dealt with once you learnt to respect them. Stacking mobs on the group could be easily cheesed, if you put a pet on it, as it targets the person or npc that stands on it.

    Mogul Razzdunk:
    - Rather simplistic fight, there was no real threat from the mechanics. Drilling into the bombs was problematic as the hitbox for the drill was rather small and miss the explosives, that said missing the explosives should either apply a stacking debuff or do massive damage if you miss the explosives.
    Was a pretty fun dungeon. But from a healer point of view here is my feedback.

    Either we were pulling like 3 packs at a time or the dungeon is just WAY too congested with trash mobs. I swear we'd pull one pack and it's like 6 dudes. Every trash pack I was a struggling to keep the tank alive. Either reduce the amount of adds or reduce the damage they do? The area after the 3rd boss is way too crowded especially with all the knockbacks. Too easy to pull another grp. And combine that with all the silences from some of them with the tank damage makes it stupidly hard at some points. Also pulling two adds with the orb that heals them from its damage made some packs take forever.

    The skyscorchers trash feel like they shoot their missles too fast. Barely any time to move out of the way of the hit and knockback.

    The 1st boss was kinda boring. The mechanics were ignorable and we just tank and spanked him til dead.
    2nd boss was ok I guess, just aoe adds and zerg boss really. Feels like it's missing something.
    3rd boss's push back spell was a surprise and hit fairly hard. I tried to rolled out of it but died too fast.
    4th boss was pretty fun. Missle was a bit slow so it's not even an issue. I feel like his drop from the sky could be faster and more threatening.

    The place looked nice as well, felt like a real goblin dungeon.

    Overall it was a fun but hard dungeon. I feel like the trash is harder than the bosses.
    I have to add to the feedback of there is way too much trash. On normal it’s not that big a deal but that much trash on mythic + is going to be a nightmare. Especially with the trash having so many knockback mechanics. I kept seeing people getting bounced into more packs while we were fighting.

    Also along the same line. The number of bombs are a bit much. No big deal on normal but on higher difficulties it’s going to be a big problem. Especially when it really inhibits ranged dps.
    The Leech orbs/globules that one of the mobs cast have too far of a range, I have to be quite far away from the orb to not be affected.
    There is a lot of trash, but my main frustration with it was the Mech Jockeys in first part of dungeon.

    If you pulled a pack that has 1 mech/2 jockeys, one of the jockeys will run off to a different mech in a different trash pack, and once activated, pulls that group as well. And if that group has a mech jockey, he will run to another further mech to activate it, and grab that group too. This causes a huge chain reaction and you end up getting 3-4 packs until they run out of mechs entirely to activate.

    There really should be a leash on how far they run to get new mechs, because running 15-20 yards to grab a new mech, on top of pulling new packs is really annoying.
    The overall flow of the dungeon

    It was slow going. I felt like the trash was thick (T H I C C) which caused a real slowdown between bosses. Probably could cut the trash by 1/3rd and it would still be satisfying.

    Visuals, including creatures and environment

    The mechs (and final boss) were pretty cool, but otherwise it was a lot of cluttered creatures and environment (borderline claustrophobic) so I couldn't enjoy much of the scenery. Most of the mobs were recycled from elsewhere. Drab, dirty, dingy...typical goblin fare. Felt like a scenario lifted right out of the goblin leveling experience. In general everything in the instance felt small (no offense, goblin mains) and if there were cool details they got lost in the clutter. Then we were in a dirt chute that resembled something from Vanilla, then more goblin clutter, then another dirt chute (with mines!). It felt like Siege of Orgrimmar in that regard (the goblin digsite) and Azshara leveling.

    Boss encounters and their mechanics

    Unmemorable until the last boss, which was pretty fun. I liked the drill-slam concept. I think the last boss of Tol'dagor was way more fun, though.

    Overall difficulty

    It wasn't too challenging, aside from the Jockeys having weird pathing behaviors/unintentional pulls. They have a lot of health for something you're supposed to smash down before they finish casting and there's not much visual indicator on them. All the goblin trash looks the same except for the mindmasters (??) and the flame jetpack bois.

    Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered

    - The sharks are swimming in nothing
    - Several mechanics were one-shot, I think some unintentionally
    - Mech Jockeys going around the world for a mech, pulling everything
    - Final boss bugged out and drill-slammed but wouldn't interact with the explosives. It somehow fixed itself after 5 minutes of us toying with him. An easy fix to this would be to have the boss toss out more explosives occasionally.

    Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

    Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed. Tol'dagor was fun with the cannons and the final boss mechanics (also fun for a rogue to lockpick). This just felt like an absolute slog with infinite trash that more or less was just aoe'd down (minus the mech jockeys). The mech Jockeys getting into a mech didn't really feel dangerous, just tedious (because now we have to kill it). Shouldn't engineers be able to commandeer a Mech?

    As I said above, it felt claustrophobic. If the idea was a "cluttered goblin marketplace" then that maybe is working, but it just sorta felt like a hastily-assembled instance without much theme going on except HERE ARE GOBLINS here are azerite elementals MORE GOBLINS hey minefield GOBLINS boss.

    -Not enough tie-ins from trash mechanics to boss mechanics.

    I think I'd have more fun with it if it felt like we were raiding a goblin city, not another excavation outpost.
    As others have said, the place seems way too overcrowded.

    The path to the first boss seemed way too long for what it was, though we might have just chosen a wrong path. I think the mob density in this are could be reduced to bring its pacing more to the line with the rest of the dungeon.

    First boss was pretty straightforward, the fight felt too long, but if you can kick bomb into him for extra damage taken, that'd make a lot more sense.

    We wiped on the trash just after the boss because of pats+mob density. No big deal. Afterwards we were more careful and the trash didn't pose much threat.

    Second boss seemed like unorganized chaos before we cut down the number of adds. Everyone was taking damage, so I was just running around like a headless chicken, eyes on raid frames.

    The trash after him was brutal. Tightly packed mobs with huge aggro range, knockbacks everywhere. Everyone was taking damage, patrols were aggroing along with mobs next to them. Total chaos. On Teeming weeks, this place will be real pain to deal with, especially the pack of 6 or so mobs just before the boss.

    3rd boss I have no idea, she seemed to die so quickly. I think her big ability went off just once, but the damage occurred only after she died, so we went bit like WTF just happened.

    The last trash was fine, but compared to the previous stuff it seemed kinda too easy and we skipped the last pack of 3 goblins with robot by running around to the right, so we had only 2 mob pulls for the most part.

    Last boss also seemed to die fairly quickly, with only hiccup being people not running to the explosives with arrow.
    My only complaint was the constant face pulling of trash. You would pull one pack and it would agro the next area. Other than that the boss mechanics were easy for my group. The trash was never a problem do to using our cc and personal CD.

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