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This was fun! I ran this 3 times on my druid, once as a tank and twice as a healer.

I liked the look of the dungeon, but then I get a kick out of the goblins. Why are there so many bombs at their mining operation? Seems like a safety hazard. ;)

I thought the difficulty level of the trash mobs was nice. It's cool to get in and not just faceroll over everything before the boss. But, so much trash. So so soooooo much trash. I don't typically mind dungeons with a lot of trash, but this one brought back flashbacks of BC's Steamvaults or Underbog. At level, you had to use cc to get through the dungeon quickly and easily. I *think* that's what you intended here. I don't know how well that's going to play out in regular usage. In Mythic +, it will be fine because everyone there will (usually) be paying attention to mechanics and trying to beat the timer. In PUGs this will be a nightmare, especially in heroics, since people seem to forget they have cc abilities when they pug.

I don't even know that it's the actual amount of trash, as much as it is how close they are together. Even if everyone is paying attention to mechanics, it's all too easy to move out of the way of a Sapper's bomb or get knocked back just a little, and aggro another group.

Also, the map isn't currently updated, which also probably contributed to how long this felt. I couldn't look at the map and find the most direct way, so there was some wandering.

Crowd Pummeler was not bad. The mechanic for kicking the bombs at the boss definitely mad this more interesting, but I had a hard time seeing the directional arrows on the ground, so I could see which way I was actually kicking the thing. Since the Blazing Azerite can damage allies as well as the boss, seems like we should be able to direct this a little more accurately. Otherwise, the default will be to just kick it away from everyone and not benefit from the debuff on the boss at all. As a Guardian this boss was pretty easy and I didn't have trouble avoiding any mechanics. As Resto, it wasn't bad either and I didn't have trouble healing.

Azerokk seemed easy. I don't know if people were using the Fracking Totems correctly, but they did at least see them and pick them up. As a Guardian, this boss was pretty easy. As Resto, it was a little harder because I kept getting targeted by the Earthragers and having to move. Hots for the win, but it was annoying. I probably should have specced into Mighty Bash, or gotten to to the Fracking Totems before everyone else.

Rixxa Fluxflame was cool. I liked the mechanics and it was also pretty easy to navigate as a Guardian. As Resto, I got eaten alive by Propellant Blast and I had trouble strafing out of it for some reason. The tooltip for that spell and Ignite Flames are the same, so I have no idea what it's actually doing, other than giving me heart palpitations.

Mogul Razzdunk was really fun and had great mechanics. I had no trouble with it as Guardian or Resto, although in all 3 instances it took people a while to catch on to the fact that they had to drop the Drill Smash on the Big Red Rockets.
My group didn't stick to walls or try to avoid trash in any way LOL! Now I know how so many packs got pulled though - it was the Mech Jockeys. Either put more mechs in a group (so they all get one) or give them a leash; we had mech jockeys running way up the path & pulling groups so we pretty much cleared ALL the trash in that area on the way to the first boss.

Trash was difficult, mostly because they just didn't seem to take as much damage as they should have & also because there were so many unintentional ways to pull more groups. We didn't wipe which amazed me because at one point we had EVERY trash NPC before the first boss due to knockbacks. We had a super competent tank though, who dragged them all down the hill to a previously cleared area so that we could kill them all without inadvertently pulling the boss.

I like that you can kick the first boss's bombs around but I think if you're going to kick them AT him, the healer should know to expect some damage bursts to the tank. After I kicked a few at the boss I realized that I wasn't being fair to the healer, so I kicked the others toward the crowd instead. It doesn't seem to affect or pull them (indeed, they are actually listed with orange names for Alliance, which indicates that they are Horde NPCs) and it gets them away from ME so... :D

The second boss was boring. We killed the adds while the tank spanked Azerokk, mostly because they were there? I didn't read the dungeon journal & I assume no one else in my group did either (I actually didn't think there would be any info in there, because Alpha lol) so it was mostly, "Ok kill these adds so they aren't beating on the tank & then focus boss" at least for me (although the other DPS did the same as I did). He just didn't do much... He should do more, since Rokk in Lair has several abilities that are unique to him, I rather expected some of those from Azerokk as well (because name... )but um... Better? Stronger? Because the first four letters of his name are "Azer" as in Azerite?

I liked the last two bosses, but I feel for casters who can't cast while running like Boomkin & Locks. There was a lot of running around in both fights, the 3rd boss more than the last. It didn't take me long to figure out that I could "dodge" the homing rockets by hiding behind the um, stick figure things? They look like target dummies - if you hide behind one, the rocket will hit that instead & you take less or no damage. The Gatling Gun you can soak up with a shield (however, that left me shieldless for the length of the cd on the shield) BUT that may also be due to the distance from the boss that I was, as a caster.

The last boss dropped no loot. I had a sad.

The cart ride could have been way longer & more "dangerous"; maybe jumping a gap or tipping onto two wheels. As it was, it felt more like "Ok, so we just killed pretty much EVERY mob in here to this point & now we get to skip a whole THREE packs of trash? Really?" It was fun, but ultimately meaningless due to how the trash in the dungeon works at this point.

The cars at the end, oh man! I was sad when Goblins got a trike for their racial mount because I LOVED the convertible that we get to drive on the starter island. It was neat to get to ride in one of those again.
Really enjoyed this dungeon. Adds were a pain, and we couldn't identify what we were doing to get them from so far away.

My first time through we had no problem doing first 3 bosses, but 2 people bailed on the party and we didn't get any replacements, so we tried to requeue... which was sad. :/
Just wanted to chime in that "sticking to the walls" to avoid trash isn't really fun or engaging gameplay and shouldn't be encouraged, imho.
I tunneled so hard on the last boss, and I ended up being the fixate target for his Drill Smash ability. We cleared out the adds quickly, and then it took a solid minute for me to realize the mechanic, which is about when the boss fixated someone else. It was very frustrating to the rest of the group to watch me waste everyone's time; perhaps the boss should be picking a new target for each Drill Smash, to avoid this?
Great place.

One thing I did miss is instance objective points on mini map.
other than that was a nice challenge even if we where set to 110 and 140 elvl. (or something like that)
Groups that lack hard CC might have trouble with mech jockeys, I was able to poly-interrupt them though. The trash could be spread out a little more, constant facepulls aren't fun. Perhaps the levels of trash can be lower and/or the health of some of the mobs reduced.

My group died because some pats that were very far away at the start of the second part of the instance aggroed onto us, following by another group that was far.

Overall, I enjoyed the place, the bosses were pretty cool.
There are many great posts in this thread already. I enjoy the dungeon and the boss fights. There is too much trash throughout and that messes with the pacing.
This new dungeon was rather fun I thought, aside from having someone who was trying to tank as a Fury warrior. The flow seemed to be pretty decent and the bosses were kind of fun. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I think it is very imaginative, and as for bugs/comments/whatnot, I provided feedback using the in-game bug report tool.

I do want to make a couple of comments, as a grandmother whose visual acuity is not as good as it once was, and who must play with the camera pulled as far back as possible. I super appreciate the huge bombs, leeching orbs, and other effects. I also appreciate a high contrast between the ground and deadly stuff on the ground. Although it would be nice if the lag time between the appearance of the deadly stuff and the deadly effects were a bit longer. Too often, by the time I identify a safe spot to run to, I'm one tick away from being dead.
Did this dungeon a few days ago on normal in a dungeon finder pug
-Protection Paladin Tanking perspective.

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • - Overall I liked that there was some choice and strategy over which direction and packs to pull, especially with the variable of all the patrols in the dungeon. I thought it was a good length and had a variety of different mechanics.

  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • -I believe the visuals to be in a good spot of this dungeon, seemed very goblin-esque, like a piece of Bilgewater Harbor had been brought to Zandalar.

  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • -The first boss encounter did not seem to have impactful mechanics. The bombs are supposed to be kicked away by dps/healers if they can but they always spawned so far away from the melee that all the ranged players had to do was move, the bombs would explode and they would move back.
    The second boss was the Elemental boss and my group had no idea what to do while the boss was fighting us. At the initial pull two of the adds were CC'd by the totems near the plateau's entrance. The other two seemed to just chase the dps/healers around, never targeting me, the tank. I think there needs to be a clearer indicator of the general strategy here. The adds that were CC'd by the totems ended up enraging anyway and we had to kill them. The adds also seemed to immediately be resummoned by the boss once they were killed. We ended up 3 manning the last 50% of the boss with healer/dps/tank and I am still not sure what we should have done differently.
    The third boss (Rixxa Fluxflame) is a fun and interesting encounter. We just stayed along one side of the island and kind of moved whenever a puddle of flame went down and then tried not to be too far away from the boss when she did her giant cone. I think this boss was a good mixture of mechanics and can't wait to see her on higher difficulties!
    The last boss was Mogul Razzdunk and I believe that he is also in a good place as far as mechanics. The intermission felt a little slow with what seemed like 20-30 seconds per Target player for Smash>Move to Smash>Create circle for Smash>Smash. Since it did that three times(Either 3 or 4) it made for a seemingly unnecessarily extended boss encounter. The two adds at the start of this phase being casters may make this more difficult on some tanks than others(ones without a plethora of interrupts like a Belf Prot Pally) due to their spawn being on opposite points of the hypotenuse of the boss arena.

  • Overall difficulty
  • -The overall difficulty I have to say is the trash. There are multiple runners in the dungeon which will go to get a mech. However if two of them go to the same mech, one will fail in this and move to another mech. This second one could be near another group and it will automatically aggro it.
    This was my first time pulling and seeing the dungeon and when I do it again I will be pulling things back as if it was TBC original Shadow Labs and clearing any packs without the Mech-starting-goblins first. I think the monster density could come down in the opening area and after the second boss. Other than that the group has a good amount of chances to pick a route and skip packs.
    Tank damage intake only got scary when we ended up with 2-3 packs of monsters due to patrols/runners(mech-goblins) and lazy pulling. Even then the group handled the dungeon and it's variables well enough to get through without wiping.

  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • -I believe that if two mech-goblins are in a single pack and they run to the same mech to start it, if one should fail it should not run to another mech nearby. This leads to some ridiculous pulls because that nearby mech the second goblin runs to may have a mech goblin there as well, which will run off and it becomes very comedic dominoes of death very quickly.
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon
-I think the dungeon was an enjoyable experience to tank. The third boss could use some more straightforward visuals/warnings of what the group is supposed to do there.
Thank you.

The Motherlode is the only dungeon I've currently tried on Alpha so I don't have much context about how it compares to the others, but I really enjoyed. The visuals and theme are spot on, and the dungeon flows well enough.

This is a dungeon that is going to punish people who want to go really fast through it until they've practiced it well enough. So for players who aren't interested in competitive, high-keystone instances they're probably not going to like this one. The group I was in was already trying to figure out how many mobs they could skirt around, and the mobs here are so densely packed that the Hunter's barrage was pulling two, three additional packs of mobs. Granted, that's more a player issue and not an issue with the dungeon.

This won't be popular, but I say put more mobs in here to dissuade trying to skirt around mobs and skipping fights. Never been a fan of that kind of dungeon-going culture.
    The amount of trash
    the last boss
    the environment

Not a fan of:
    The 3rd boss, fight seems to be missing abilities or something?
    The aggro radius of some of the trash
- The overall flow of the dungeon

Smooth, if a bit linear (I'm old school and prefer the old Blackrock Depths style dungeons over the current style)

- Visuals, including creatures and environment.

Great atmosphere, hit the nostalgia right in the feels seeing Venture Co. finally make it to a full fledged dungeon. Loved the machinery, loved the Venture Co. vibe and that it wasn't too over the top like Horde Goblins are. It was gritty, greasy and chunky.

- Boss encounters and their mechanics

Not overly difficult. Would be interested to see heroic/mythic versions.

- Overall difficulty

For a normal dungeon it was harder than what we got with Legion, but I like that. I died a couple of times just on trash but much of that could be attributed to still adjusting to the basic user interface and not knowing what the mobs did right away. I felt that we actually needed to CC some mobs, but our tank was having none of it. Overall it was challenging, but not impossible for a group of fresh testers in basic gear.

- Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered

Not on my first run.

- Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

Overall I really loved the atmosphere and the Venture Co. theme.
Love it! Going to be pure hell on mythic+! :)
Should rename this place to: The Dump cause holy trash batman this place is full of mobs. You could take 50% of the trash mobs out of this place and it would still feel a bit overwhelming.

The mechanic guys that have the cast to activate the mech armor were buggy. If multiple mechanics were trying to activate the same mech only one would get in and the other would still be attackable but not move or do anything just kind of stood there. Also I think it'd be nice if on lower difficulty they were easier to take care of and it wasn't til higher m+ where you'd have to deal with them hard to make sure they didn't get in the mechs. On a higher m+ key you'll have a group of people who can coordinate CC better but otherwise in just a normal or heroic they're kind of a pain to deal with.

Bosses were fun over all and I liked them.

Caveat for the last boss. Please telegraph what you're supposed to do for getting the boss down better. In the group I ran with a lot of people didn't really understand the mechanic and it wasn't very clear what to do without reading the dungeon journal (which lets be fair... the vast majority of wow players won't do that if LFR has taught us anything). Also it felt like it took too long to get him down. Killed the two mobs that spawned and then waited for awhile for him to come down. Imo should only take 3 of his drills (one on each of the pillars) for him to come down not multiple times each that's just prolonging the phase even if done correctly.

Mine cart ride was a bit of a let down. Wish it was longer. Could take out half the trash in the area after the mine cart and let players ride a bit further. I was actually a bit excited for it and so was my friend I was running the dungeon with. We both exclaimed our excitement over discord and then "awww that was it?" afterwards. Also the cast time on getting in the mine cart is also unnecessarily long and would be better if you could just click the mine cart to hop in. Unless Jump In Cart is a new spell don't really see the point to having to cast to get in it.
03/27/2018 05:20 PMPosted by Skordyn

  • The overall flow of the dungeon

  • The flow of the dungeon felt really good. There are a lot of trash packs, but clever groups will be able to find the most optimal paths to pull the least amount of trash. The group I was in, the tank must have done the dungeon before because he pulled only a few groups and cleverly lead the group in a certain path to avoid a lot of trash. So I don't think the trash was a big deal.

    I also liked the trash pack right before the third boss (the female goblin). There are a lot of mobs so CC was necessary and it was actually fun to once again use my abilities to contribute to the success of the trash pull. Please keep stuff like that in dungeons!

  • Visuals, including creatures and environment

  • Visuals were amazing. This really brought me back to the cataclysm days of leveling a goblin through Kezan. I really liked the new mech models and the environment just feels like a grubby goblin town. Great job.

  • Boss encounters and their mechanics

  • First boss felt a little under tuned. It was extremely easy, and no real mechanics. Second boss was better, as it allowed the group to contribute by kicking the mines back at the boss. I thought that was fun, however the positioning of the arrow back at the boss was a little tricky to get down, but wasn't too bad. Third boss was the goblin spraying chemicals, and it was a fun fight. It tests the groups ability to move and coordinate to not spread chemicals all over the floor. I didn't get to test the last boss as I had to leave after the third.

  • Overall difficulty

  • Difficulty was really easy at the beginning of the dungeon, and became a little more challenging with the trash before the third boss. I liked the fact that the trash tests players ability to pull only what is needed, and use CCs if necessary, but I can see lesser skilled groups wiping in that room due to careless pulls and not thinking they need to CC sometimes.

  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered

  • I don't remember any glaring bugs. There were a few quirks, but i commented in the bug report during the run if something was up. Nothing stood out as an obvious bug, so thats good imo.

  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon
  • [/ul]

    Overall, well done dungeon. Love the aesthetics, the general feel of it, and the pacing. Even with some of our careless wipes, it only took us 45 mins or so to complete, which I say is very good pacing especially considering the fact that most of the group was new to the dungeon. I can see the speed picking up a lot more once people have better gear and have done the dungeon a few times.
    This dungeon is real? I thought it was the April Fools.
    I thought this was a fun dungeon, mob density might be a little on the high side, colors are a little heavy on the grey side but it is a mine.
    Few points to add:

    Masterminds: having 2 of these in one pull is fine, as long as they dont both leech, its seeming to bug between them both, and the leech orb heals all masterminds nearby, so if they both cast leech orb, it heals them both from both orbs.

    The Testers: these are fine but the knockback is buggy, and can ricochet party members in every direction even if facing the right direction.

    Mob packs crossing together in this dungeon, yesterday there were 2 masterminds 2 alchemits 2 testers and 2 globs just before the 3rd boss in this dungeon, reported that overpowered pack yesterday, seems to have removed 1 tester and 2 globs, made that pack more managable but still had the 2 testers knocking people out of the park.

    would suggest:

      reducing testers knockback range

      limiting the leech orbs to healing only the caster (unsure if intended or bug hence suggestion)

      would also limit the alchmists to only summoning 1 mob at a time, can get out of hand when for instance 2 testers 2 masterminds and 2 alchs are together

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