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Experienced this in a random queue of Heroic. Said something like "Cannot enter Kezan until 120". But I'm 120 and about 330ish ilvl.
Unable to enter due to not being 110 when I'm 117
We've temporarily disabled The MOTHERLODE!! while we make changes to the environment.
I was not sure at first which direction to pull mobs to get to the boss. It might be fun to have different paths or choices to make. The dungeon was a interesting place to explore. The bosses each had interesting mechanics to deal with. It was hard to judge difficulty there was a paladin bug when I ran it a while ago that would pull everything within 40 yards or so. It was a very interesting dungeon seemed a little different than a typical dungeon but not so out there like grimrail.
06/11/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Skordyn
We've temporarily disabled The MOTHERLODE!! while we make changes to the environment.

I just did a random queue and ML popped up. May want to check if it is really disabled....
If it is supposedly disabled, could you please take it out of random queue? People are still getting ML and having to leave group.
Having planned to do some dungeon testing today I was saddened to get this dungeon twice in a row and be, subsequently, saddled with the dungeon deserter debuff.

Please consider FULLY removing this from the pool so that folks don't continue to get it while testing random dungeons. :)
06/11/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Skordyn
We've temporarily disabled The MOTHERLODE!! while we make changes to the environment.

It is STILL not disabled....what is the deal?
Still says I need to be level 110 to get in (My beta character is 120)
Hope this place is accessible soon because it sounds like a blast.
The MOTHERLODE!! is again available for testing. We've made some substantial changes to the dungeon and would appreciate any feedback on the latest version.
Guess what my new least favorite dungeon is!

Where to begin, This dungeon was taken down for substantial changes, which seemed very unnoticeable to me.

- All the trash was still there in the exact same spots, except some with added and even more annoying mechanics?

- All bosses functioned exactly the same except the 3rd and 4th boss have an extra mechanic (the same mechanic for both bosses).

- The layout was in no way changed.

The trash density before first boss is very high and there is not much room to pull around mobs, Additionally mass pulling is difficult because there are many mobs that need stunned and cannot be aoe stunned with a big pull (The guys that go in the mechs). This usually ends up with tons of extra trash being pulled on accident which people hate.

First boss is actually pretty fun as it was before.

Trash to second boss is again high density with an insane amount of stuff close together making it easy to pull extra mobs and punishing you for doing so badly (with even more bombs). Thanks for the swirly letting us know the bombs range though, that is nice.

Second boss is exactly the same again and is fine, maybe doesnt play out as intended but it's fine.

Trash to 3rd boss is even higher density with all the same annoying mechanics as before that make it so you can't mass pull (If casts go uninterrupted or unstunned the mobs do scaling damage/polymorph group members). Add on to that, you now added an unavoidable knockback so we can get knocked back into other packs.

3rd boss has some nice looking visual updates, unfortunately these in no way telegraph whats happening in the fight, Which is still a mess. The boss is so small, figuring out which way she is looking to dodge is a nightmare, especially with male tauren in the group.

trash to fourth boss is the same but now slightly more annoying! you have to kill the drivers when you destroy the mech they are in now. The bombs are difficult to kill on time unless focused, the trash bugs sometimes and evades into rocks. There are quite a few packs that are skippable but very narrowly. While dodging bombs it is easy to accidentally pull other packs.

4th boss, the big red rocket can now target anyone, including the tank which it spawns on top of. The boss also cast it once while in the air phase and immune (and insta-killed a mage with it, I didnt even see it go out). The boombabots or whatever they are called are not telegraphed so I guess you just watch out for those and call it out.

Tank damage is overall very high (we had a warr tank so he struggled to kite like is required for all tanks now). A lot of the mobs have special abilities that hit tanks quite hard. (I wasn't particularly paying attention to this).

OVERALL: I don't plan on doing this dungeon unless absolutely unavoidable. It's long, The trash has annoying mechanics and high density per area, it's super easy to pull extra packs unless you pull everything very far back, the 2nd boss is annoying, and the 3rd boss is boring & annoying.
add to the above

1) I went to check the engineering thing but it takes some higher engineering skill then 1 so I couldn't.

2) I really like 8/10 BFA dungeons a lot. Despite hating this one, really good job on the dungeons overall Blizzard!
This is so tedious, there is way way too much trash, its painfully slow. The last boss has too many hitpoints and takes all day to kill
Also experienced large framerate drops in Motherlode, Especially while jumping. As well as freezing for several seconds. I did not have these issues running around before or after the dungeon but they may not be related to the dungeon. Just thought i'd mention.
Did a Mythic of this today now that it's finally back up.

I...had fun? I sincerely did?

The second boss feels overtuned though. I didn't slack on adds but if someone does, the punish seems rather severe. Felt like at +0 that it was more appropriate for a key that had already been pushed once.

4th boss, seems weird that the Homing Rocket can't truly be dodged. I guess the point is to make sure it only hits you? Because outrunning it isn't an option.

Otherwise, felt the boss fights were fine.

I will admit there is a significant amount of trash. And that shortcuts weren't an option. But if that mandatory trash contributes properly to the % on M+, that should be a good thing. Because the balance in some other instances is off where you have to go clear almost anything in that instance to complete % (Temple of Sethraliss being a big offender). In terms of their abilities, it did feel like a group lacking interrupts/silences will suffer. But that is generally a norm for the BfA instances, I guess.

Vibe-wise, thought the spoofy music was a nice touch as well as the general banter from mobs and bosses. Given some of the more intense/dreary instances, the lighter feel of this one was welcome.

For the record, I wasn't experiencing problems with framerates/lag in this instance. However I did fork out for a 1060 gpu a couple of weeks ago to be as ready for BfA/future games as I could. Play within Legion felt way smoother once I upgraded. May be worth seeing if anywhere has a sale on GPUs? I managed to find a rare 20% off sale and got one of the last available in my area.

I had fun. There's far more painful instances (Underrot, Kings Rest). Nice to see this place is working.
Did it on a +7 with a more organized group.

- Much of the trash is over-tuned compared to other dungeons (Particularly the large packs before each boss).

- Mastermind's pretty much destroy the tank with an uninterruptible unstunnable cast.

- Bombs are difficult to kill on fortified

- Pretty much every trash pack got pulled way way back to avoid pulling extra stuff, the space to not pull is so confined, especially with knockbacks on the second half of the trash.

- Last boss still randomly 1 shots a player when he goes up for P2. There is a big red rocket that is invisible or something?

- Group wide damage on last boss seemed high compared to other dungeons.

TLDR: Scale back some of the trash mobs damage from abilities/tank damage, Remove select trash packs to give slightly more room, and fix the last boss 1 shotting people.

Other people probably have wildly different opinions though so.
I'll second that the final pack before each boss, particularly the third boss, are a bit much and that you really had to burn time fighting packs in the right spots. The % aspect of what you 'have' to clear to even reach the final boss just about matches when you will hit 100%. But some packs seem rather chaotic. They're very punishing on melee DPS in particular from what I saw. Perhaps tank damage too - somehow had a monk healer who kept up with some rather wild stuff that maybe made things seem tamer than they really were.
[quote="207606380595"]Waaaaaay too much trash. The trash, as of now, is harder than the bosses, and takes up more of the dungeon. /quote]

Agree.. Endless chain of trash.. Makes me glad I don't do mythics, since I can't imagine how bad this place will be on teeming weeks..
Tanked this on M+ a few times and am substantially happier with this dungeon than those above. The amount of trash in the dungeon actually makes it super interesting from a pathing perspective in M+. Trash count feels low enough that I didn’t feel the need to path inefficiently — there were dozens of potential routes, and the number/position of really dangerous packs made it fairly simple to skip most (but not all) of them by running some creative routes.

Tank damage didn’t feel too unmanageable, but that may be because I’m a DK. There is a ton of magic damage on the trash mobs, which could be pretty rough for tanks with no magic mitigation.

The last boss is still a bit buggy with destroying pillars (sometimes doesn’t destroy them even if on top of them), and the margin of error for kicking mines on first boss seems a bit unforgiving.

Overall I thought this was actually one of the easier M+ dungeons, even running it up to +6-8s at ~335-340 ilvl

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