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Completed it (almost in time) on a +10 with necrotic/raging/tyrannical/infested.

The first boss can output some decent group damage, but the other bosses of the instance all felt pretty undertuned. We were able to ignore most boss mechanics (due to their negligible damage) and simply burn the bosses down.

Even on tyrannical, the trash was significantly harder than the bosses of the instance. Infested in particular can be pretty troublesome. There were a few interactions that may be unintended:

1. An infested mech jockey can enter into a mech. Once inside the mech, the mech will continuously heal itself and is probably unkillable.

2. The mines before the last boss can be infested while underground (there's no visual indicator until the mines surface ontop of the group).
Also on the notes of mech jockeys in the mech, giving an untargettable mob the ability to auto is pretty annoying to skilled players and going to !@#$ over less observant players without them knowing what they did wrong too.
Did they tune down the trash in here yet? I haven’t been in yet but I hear it is unreasonable from many sources.
So I've noticed that with engineering it will not let me "engineer" the dead mechs as it will with mining on the stone elementals later in the zone. It is more specifically the mechs at the start. A skinner/Leather worker was able to skin them instead.
Guess they didn't listen to any of the feedback because the trash is still horrendous lol
08/23/2018 08:13 PMPosted by Blacck
Guess they didn't listen to any of the feedback because the trash is still horrendous lol

Yea, people aren't even running it. It's that bad. Wtf blizz
the biggest issue about the dungeon is the mastermind NPC does magic damage you cannot interrupt them you cannot stun them and they destroy your tank, you have 2 options or you change magic to physical dmg or you tune down the magic dmg.

thank you regards.

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