Organized Crime -H- 2 days LF DPS 1/8M - 8/8H

Greetings all!

We are <Organized Crime> from the Turalyon server. At this time, we are currently seeking DPS to complete our mythic roster! with ATOC out of the way our main focus now is Mythic progression. Currently, we are 1/8 Mythic with progression on Mother. Our awesome team is looking for just a few more DPS spots to solidify the roster. Our main raid times are from 7:30-10:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday, with an optional Monday night for alts.

Our raid environment is extremely relaxed, chill, and hilarious at times. Our goal is to constantly be pushing ourselves progression wise while having fun doing so. The guild is constantly active in game as well as out guild discord, we are very social in the guild and as a team, we want people who will fit into our family like atmosphere.

What <Organized Crime> is looking for:

DPS: We’re looking for both ranged and melee dps. Preferably a Rogue and Mage. However, we will be looking at all DPS applicates.
Dependability: Attendance and performance are a must. We require an 85% attendance rate and dependable performance in raid.
Knowledge: Players must have a well-rounded understanding of their class, spec, raid role and raid encounters.
Team Cohesiveness: Raiders need to be able to work well in a team, in both raids and mythic+

What <Organized Crime> can offer:
Impressive roster.
Constant progression and end game content.
Guild bank repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, ect ect.
Social community with very active members.

If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please feel free to reach out to our contacts below.

We have free beer recommendation of the evening, free french curses, free really awesome priest grip.....
Hai :D Are we August yet?
Greetings, we also have caffeinated beverages. I always have a nice iced latte every raid night.

Come join, you know you want to!
/wave from the alliance side =)
Come play for BfA :D
I do have a 110 boost I have not used . And I do like having a toon on both sides for story purposes . I may just do this and make a shaman over there . but I will need a home ^_^ as I usually just leveled and that was it but new goal for the new expansion is to be active on both sides .
Jexia add to BT: Brittster#1804
06/08/2018 07:47 AMPosted by Jaharra
Jexia add to BT: Brittster#1804

I want to say their guild is on break or casually around until BFA.

**Edit: nevermind they made the bump. Ha. Welcome back guys!
I will add ya ;) You can come over anytime, like Sierra said, on break ish till BfA. But they still run keys and such. Im spending my time in Beta like a lot of peeps. I will prob be on tonight on drink Friday pvp.
Bump yes we aren't actively raiding atm but people are still here and we do keep in touch still :)
/need vacations and gummy bears
Recruitment Contacts: Dominitus#1741 (GM) and Akadian#1513 (Jex) Can always message us in Turalyon's Discord
Needs: 1 non bear tank, 2 heals (druid and monk preferred) and a few DPS ( No more locks sorry).

We took a small break before BfA, we are now getting ready for August!
Jex gives free pie out during raids as well!

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