BFA mark of blood

Death Knight
If none of the blood dk is taking this talent why is it there? In legion I have never saw a blood dk with mark of blood talent. Why this is coming back in BFA? are there suppose to some fight designed around this? I dont find it useful unless there are mobs that auto you very fast, but again 2% heal against attacker doesn't really do much.
I use it in random bgs. Very effective against melee. Helps my pocket healer stay alive. Sad to see it go from 3% to 2% in BFA. Maybe they should make it a pvp talent. I'd be OK with that.
It's very much a pvp talent and not reliable enough ofr general use in PvE. Though it is actually quite good against Tirathon in Vault and other DW mobs, it's not enough to justify it.
it's god mode vs rogues, enh, ferals and BM hunters in pvp, as long as they are hitting won't die.

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