Apparently RNG wants me to play Shaman

So apparently the RNG gods like me cause the first Leggo drops I received this first week of me being 110 is the Smoldering heart (essence drop) and the Deceivers Boots (M+ chest), If Only I could say I was so lucky on my warrior when I played him.
congrats. just a fyi, you want to run aftershock and not AS with those legos. embrace gambling your life savings of rng XD

check out and their post on gamble build. that site has a ton of good info on ele
Yeah I recently switched to Aftershock when my haste was a little higher. While gearing and stuff the passive 6% haste simmed better but once I got the leggos I made full switch when sims saw the more potential and I actually love not using all my maelstrom when casting Earth Shock, makes it easier to maintain a long Flame Shock dot.

It is was kinda surprising at times to cast Earth Shock and NOT see my Maelstrom bar move though. When it first happened I thought I missed a the button or something. Think my highest proc chance was 5 100+ Maelstrom Earth Shocks so far, Normally only get 2 or 3.

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