*3/8M* T/Th 9-12EST LF D/H Priest, Havoc, BM

Guild Recruitment
Added, however, your discord tag doesn't work...



P.S. - I added you on real ID, however, my discord tag is Rob#4033
Huh, apparently the name must be case sensitive. Thanks for the heads up on that.
Looking for a Tank!
Searching for some Ranged DPS for BfA!
06/28/2018 07:45 AMPosted by Dethkrik
Looking for a Tank!

Dedicated and longtime tank, can make 100% of raid times. Would be interested in chatting with you guys and possibly moving over for BFA.

Playing a VDH, 974 ilevel with 19-20% avoidance named Bigdiggles of Bleeding Hollow.

My discord is Brock#2518
Btag is Libertine#1754
Searching for Ranged DPS!
Looking for a Boomkin!
Searching for a Mage!
Looking for a skilled Tank
Looking for DPS and a Tank!
Looking for a Havoc Demon Hunter!
Searching for a Balance Druid!
Looking for a Tank! BfA approaches!
07/05/2018 01:14 PMPosted by Dethkrik
Searching for a Balance Druid!

Minimum required experience?
Searching for a Havoc Demon Hunter!
07/08/2018 09:36 PMPosted by Tjoala
Minimum required experience?

No minimum on current content. Ideally players have a history of Cutting Edge, but we're interested with anyone with tangible evidence of skilled play. Logs are best for this, but other data like Raider.io scores, Gladiator titles, etc.
Searching for a skilled tank for BfA Cutting Edge content!
Looking for a skilled Hunter for BfA!
Looking for a skilled Tank!
Searching for a Holy Paladin!

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