*3/8M* T/Th 9-12EST LF D/H Priest, Havoc, BM

Guild Recruitment
Looking to add a skilled Hunter!
Searching for a Holy Paladin and a Tank!
Looking for a few more Ranged DPS! Balance Druid, Hunter, Mage...
Searching for a Holy Pally!
Hey Guys,

I like your stuff... lol You guys seem to be exactly what I am looking for in terms of a raid group. I am looking for competent group that raids 2 -3 nights max a week. My last raid group stopped raiding due to attendance issues during M ABT progression so I decided to just take a few months to chill before BFA.

This expansion was tough for guilds and I was in 3 guilds that broke down due to burn out and roster issues. So I am looking for a dedicated team of folks that I can stick with for this expansion and beyond.

My experience this expansion:
EN - 7/7 M (CE)
ToV - 3/3 H (AotC)
NH - 4/10 M (AotC)
ToS - 6/9 M (AotC)
ABT - 5/11 M (AotC)

BTag: Spanks#1861

Looking for a Holy Paladin!
Looking for a Balance Druid or other Ranged DPS
Searching for skilled Ranged DPS!
Looking for an Ele Shaman!
Ranged DPS! Looking for you!
LF Casual members for pushing M+ keys!
LF team members interested in M+!
Looking for more for Uldir! Primarily Mail Ranged DPS currently, but all skilled players are encouraged to apply.
Looking for a Hunter!
Looking for a skilled Tank!
MOTHER Down! Still searching for a skilled tank.
Searching for a skilled tank! Come get Cutting Edge with us!
Come progress Zek'voz with us!
Looking for a skilled Havoc Demon Hunter
Zek'voz down! Looking for a Tank and a DPS or two.

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