<Sensation Gaming> 5/11M recruiting

<Sensation Gaming> is a community above all, with a mindset on pushing mythic progression. We have been progressing, trimming, progressing, and trimming, and are currently looking for high end players to fill our roster and our gaming family as well.

What we bring to the table:

1: We arent rude to each other. Mutual respect is very important to the dynamic of our team
2: We provide all essentials for raiding (i.e. flasks, feast, gems, enchants)
3: We run an amazing, helpful community full of raiders and non raiders alike.

1: Come prepared on time, with knowledge required to start
2: Pull at start time
3: Be receptive to criticism
4: Mastery of your class

On the side we all enjoy pushing keys, PVP, and the likes.

Raid times Thursday and Friday 7-10 EST (6-9 ST)

Looking for the following

Melee: Ret Paladin, WW, Fury, Enhance
Range: boomie, aff lock, ele shammy, mage, Spriest
Healers: MW, HPal (both with dps offspec if possible)

We always will consider all qualified applicants
Message one or all of the following


siobert#1915 (Bnet)
Earlainn#5022 (discord)

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