❤ Meme Girls - 2 NIGHT MYTHIC TEAM ❤

Hi, I'm here to try and get your attention with a boring guild recruitment post but instead I'll summarize it in a freestyle.

Meme Girls Sargeras Alliance- 11/11H 4/11M

looking for some big d!cks
to round off our tight clique
heroic and mythic
searching 20 strong
something nice and long
so fill out our comp
get ahead of the curve-stomped
and if you dare to take the pledge
to earn 1337 status of cutting edge
we'd expect you to do your best
and rise above the rest
think you're willing to hang?
come join the gang

We are all experienced CE raiders on one toon or another. We had very little time in mythic this tier but were able to pug up to 2/11M before a lot of us took family vacations or got pulled away for work. Now we're ready to go as far as we can until prepatch and then our goal is top 20 server on Sargeras. We're recruiting great players now more than ever! CURRENTLY only looking for STRONG DPS and flex HEALERS who are CONSISTENT and willing to GROW.

If you're looking to get back into hardcore raiding after a long break but still want to have fun with a really tight knit group of girls and guys, this is the place for you. We are always pushing keys, running heroic clears in under an hour and a half, and even have social events like guild movie night!

Even if you aren't interested in the hardcore scene, there's definitely a spot for you on the second team or even in a casual setting doing low keystones and normal clears. All of our social players are essential to the guild as they provide materials for our potions, flasks, enchants, etc. We host a monthly contest and give away tokens as well as other prizes to people that donate the most.

NOTE: WE ARE NOT A CARRY GUILD. We will invite socials but we will not carry you to get you gear unless you show potential / are willing to learn and put your own work in to get geared. Too many people expect something from nothing and that's not how we roll. :)


Core Raid is Tues/Thurs 8 to 10:30 PM CST/Server current (8-11 PM CST for BfA prog)
Casual Group is most likely going to be a weekend one. (TBA)

If you're interested in an interview, please fill out the application: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdMlvJ8JDl

also add December#1231 or ApacheStray#1602 for more info
Not looking for a new guild, but I have to say if I was, this post would do it for me :D

Fresh and fun - good luck in your recruitment search!
I’d like to talk to you further when I get home today!
04/24/2018 10:35 AMPosted by Glaiverobber
I’d like to talk to you further when I get home today!

Definitely! You have my btag.

Let's chat!
scooby doobie dank
i bought some shoes from my drug dealer the other day! not sure what he laced them with but i've been tripping all day!
bippity boppitty bump
still looking for some SOLID rdps and some awesome tanks to push 15+ keys with
top 20 server
BIP BOP - still looking for a few people to kill it with us in BfA :)
still looking for some SOLID deeps

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