Looking for a Friendly & Social Guild!

Hello! I have been living on this very low pop server since I came back for Legion. I really wish I had a more active community to play alongside, so it's about time I consider moving to a somewhat more populated server.

I plan to level to 60 and boost my Character to 110 after that once I'm certain I've found my new home!

It's not a problem for me if your Guild is still struggling in normal raids or whatever; I just like to tag along and do stuff! However, I can certainly keep up with cutting edge content as well. I am always on time and prepared with a super good attitude.


Strengths: Being polite and drama-free is certainly up there, but probably the thing I'm best at is once I'm an established member of a Guild I do a super good job of making everyone feel welcome and included.

Weaknesses: Being super long-winded and typing up far too lengthy forum posts and constantly wanting to share pictures of my Transmog and UI with everyone. Oh, and posting cat pictures.

Thanks a bunch!
The group I'm in Snacks is very friendly we love new people if you could send a request before 6:30 pm realm time we are doing a legion raid tonight. We also do older dungeons to last thursday we did all the dungeons from Cataclysm and I'm new to mythic dungeons and everyone has been very encouraging and helpful. Come have fun with us!
Hi there! Maybe you’ve joined Snacks or found a different home; it’s been awhile since your post.

But I figured I’d tell you about our guild Heart and Soul. We are a fun close knit group looking forward to bfa and definitely looking to fill our raid roster and general members.

You can read about us here: https://heartandsoulcenarius.wordpress.com

Feel free to reach out anytime for info if you’re still looking and interested!

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