[H][Thrall]<Enygma>11/11H; LF TANK/HEALER/DPS

-: Guild Name / Realm:-
<Enygma> Thrall (Horde)

-: About Us:-
We formed back in January 29th, 2018 late into the Legion expansion. Back then we were an Alliance guild on a very small realm that was completely dead.
Finding good recruits was not easy and we relied on pugging other players to complete our raiding needs.
On April 12th, 2018 and after careful consideration we decided as a guild to faction change and transfer to a higher population realm in-which we chose Thrall.

Our guild is more than just a raid team we are also a family and are looking to expand that family.
If you are looking for a new guild to raid with and would like to progress with us in BFA:

What you can expect:
A very stable guild we have never been close to falling apart.
A guild where you are treated with respect and shown how to improve yourself as a raider.
A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in.
A space to relax and enjoy life. Logging into the game won't just be doing dailies and raiding.
A new family. This will be just like your own family, sometimes you will love us and other times you will get upset. But at the end of the day we will be there for you.

What we expect from you:
Players who are on time and come fully prepared, fully gemmed, enchanted, plenty of potions & runes.
Players who are progression oriented, able to improve and adjust to fights rapidly. We can not kill bosses without making positive changes attempt after attempt.
Players that do not just want to raid but also are looking for a home. This means not just logging in to raid but also social. WoW is more than just gear it is about making connections.
Players not looking for a stepping stone. We only want to take in members who are looking for a home.
Players that are able to take criticism. You will be yelled at you can not take it personal, it is only because we want to be able to kill end game bosses.

-: Recruitment Needs :-
Progression Team:
Ranged: Hunter, Mage, Warlock & Balance Druid
Heals: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman
Also any DPS with Tank offspec
All are welcome

-: Current Progression :-
Progression Team: 11/11H Antorus
Casual: 11/11N Antorus
(Some raiders have 1/11M experience from other guilds)

-: Raid Times :-
Tuesday & Sunday*
5-8pm PST / 6-9pm MST / 7-10pm CST / 8-11pm EST

Saturday & Monday
5-8pm PST / 6-9pm MST / 7-10pm CST / 8-11pm EST

-: Website :-

-: Discord :-

-: Who to contact :-

Looking to merge? Let's chat. Add me, foGO#1395
We are quite set on being our own guild for the time being.

Ty tho
If any guild wants to merge into us, I am open to discussions.
We are trying to build a brand and a name for ourselves so we only are willing to have guilds merge into us.
I’d be interested in raiding. Let me know if you guys want to chat
962 blood dk? 10/11 heroic xp
currently our tank spots are filled, but we can use a frost dk
LFM Ranged DPS for progression team.
LFM Any role/spec for casual teams
You guys still looking for a healer? I really want to do the Monk this expansion, but also have a pally and druid. Really can't stand the druid healing though. So boring.
We could use a H Pally.
We have a few monk heals already :(

But that being said monk heals would be good for our casual nights, and h pally for prog.

Either way find me in game or on our Discord and lets chat
Enygma is one of the best gaming communities I've been a part of in a long time. Happy to be a part of this team and help it grow.
Now added casual nights on Saturday!
need more raiders!
best guild ever and we always need more people ^.^
updated needs
still looking
Been on and off for the last couple years. Been really wanting to find a good guild to learn from. Interesting in raiding and free most weekends. Main a frost dk. Warrior and sp available also. BlindUlf#1339
Added your btag to discuss a possible invite.
Recruitment is still open at this time, come join to be ahead of the curve!

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