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I'm a 958 Fury warrior looking for a new (HORDE)guild to call home for the end of this xpac and for BFA. I'm 11/11H and looking for something semi-hardcore.

I've raided in the past in mythic level guilds and I'm looking to get back into it! Getting married and acquiring a new job forced me to take a break but I'm now situated.

I'm looking for a 2-3 raid night guild. I live on the east coast so I'd prefer times between 8pm-12am. Can transfer at a moments notice!

Thank you!
Hey, we currently do not have a fury warrior, working on Aggramar then Argus. Could work you into mythic when we start clearing again but be nice to have a fury/arms for BfA.

Let me know, thanks.

<Hogwarts> is semi-casual horde guild located on Mal'Ganis looking for members to round out our roster. We are a group of tight knit raiders most of whom were from a top 100 guild before it disbanded that love playing and progressing together
We are welcoming and help people gear, while being a smaller guild we are always looking for people to play with. We are currently 11/11 Heroic 2/11 Mythic. We want people who are reliable and consistent. We are looking to have an established team for Battle for Azeroth

Our Schedule:
Tuesday: 7PM-10PM CST
Wednesday: 7PM-10PM CST
Thursday: optional reclears for alts/achiev runs

Currently in search of:

Death Knight

We will take anyone but those are where we are currently low on our roster.

Our progression:
11/11 Normal Antorus
11/11 Heroic Antorus

Loot rules:
We operate a lootcouncil that decides who the gear will best benefit. We try and distribute evenly amongst our raiders.

What we are looking for/What we can offer you:
A likeminded fun person who likes progression but not a hardcore progression, We want people who are around to help other members of the guild
as well as being friendly. We can offer you and environment where you can voice your opinions and hope to grow as a team.

If you feel this is the place for you

Add Petch#12748 or Mewtwo#1111 on btag.
If you add us send us a message and let us know a bit about you. Link us your post if you would like as well!
My guilds/teams. Join them and kill stuff! We will not guarantee any new recruits mounts at this point.

Synthesis (Weekday): Mon-Thurs 10pm-1am EST 11/11M CE (WCL US48)
- No current needs, but feel free to apply in case a spot opens up.

Synthesis (Weekend): Fri/Sat 10pm-1am EST 11/11M CE (RI US 191)
- No current needs, but feel free to apply in case a spot opens up.

Synthesis Optional Runs:
Mythic Guldan Tuesdays @ 10pm EST
Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Sundays @ 9pm EST

Application: https://goo.gl/forms/OIUuueeL75EtaFT43
Synthesize (Weekend): Sat/Sun 9pm-12am EST 8/11M
- Considering all exceptional players.

Synthesize (Weekday): Tues/Wed 9:30pm-12:30am EST 6/11M
- Considering all exceptional players.

Synthesize Optional Runs:
Mythic Guldan Mondays @ 10pm EST
Heroic Antorus Fridays @ 9pm EST

Application: https://goo.gl/forms/D8SOGtw2CPhjrQyq1

Turalyon is the server & we are EST.

Discord: Sieara#6473
Btag: Sieara#1968

Discord: Fiolated#9828
Btag: shinks50#1291

Using rankings from WCL that exclude OC realms or Raider.IO. Wowprogress doesn't remove duplicate guilds so ranks are very skewed and inaccurate.

MUST BE WILLING TO TRANSFER. We don't do this cross realm thing. It messes with master loot and you can't really easily make friends in guild if you're not even in the guild.
Imperial Guard is a longstanding close knit guild. We have 2 Guild raid teams 3/11M Thursday 7-10 Friday 7-11 CST. As well as a 11/11H raid team Saturday 7-11 Sunday 7-10 CST. We are a semi casual guild that has fun and manages to down new bosses. We are looking for like minded people to finish out ABT and start off BFA!

What to expect
Multiple guild events to include Mythic+ keystone pushes.
3 Scheduled Guild raid events.
Impromptu Raids for alts.
Active Discord.

What we expect
Mature behavior.
Be on time for raids (if on a raid team) otherwise let the raid leader know ahead of time.
To be kind to others and help others learn the game (we all started somewhere)

Our Story
Imperial Guard was founded on Darkspear (A) back during Dragon Soul. We Transferred over to Illidan Horde at the start of WoD Got AoTC Highmaul and the guild decided to take a break during BRF 9/10H. We came back in Legion and have received every AoTC as a guild to date. We are now focused on mythic raiding and building for BFA

Our raiding Resume

8/8N Dragon Soul 4/8H Dragon Soul.

MoP Raiding

3/4N Terrace of the Endless Spring
10/12 ToT
14/14N SoO -AOTC (Pre Mythic)
11/14H SoO (Pre Mythic)


7/7H Highmaul -AoTC
9/10H BRF
we took a break during BRF

3/3H ToV - AOTC
10/10H Nighthold 3/10M - AoTC
9/9H ToS -AOTC
11/11H ABT 3/11M

For any questions concerning the guild please feel free to contact one of our officers
Tiekenee#1613 - Mythic Raid leader/ Guild master
Guilt#1464 Co- GM/ Mythic Raider / Admin Officer
Blue#15219 Officer/ Group 2 Raid leader/ Mythic Raider
Zurvan#1211 Mythic Raider/ Admin Officer/ Recruitment Officer
Predominant [H] - Illidan

Predominant was top 10 guild on Illidan server (#6) on Legion Launch all the way through Mythic Night Hold. We took a break after Night Hold until we decided to form again 4/9/18. Our core is currently 5/11M-9/11M and we have a core of 16 members that have been playing together since 2011. We are reforming for the remainder of Legion and BFA expansion. Feel free to visit our website WWW.PREDOM.NET which is currently content is being added daily. We run Mythic+ daily and get 15's for everyone weekly. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and some Fridays 8PM CST to 11PM CST. We will be flexible on hours during the expansion.

I would love to talk to you on Discord - https://discord.gg/xKjdMBr
Add me to REAL ID - Tinyturd#11434

Turdslug - Tinyturd#11434
Owlbundia - Covington#1457
Clouds - Joker#110734
Zanlock - Superchief#11817

Thank you,

GM of Predominant
still looking for a moderately progressed mythic guild
Hey there! It looks like we could be a good fit for what you’re looking for - if you’re interested please feel free to contact one of the people below:
Gneisha: Battletag Gneisha#1918, Discord Gneisha#2497, or Gneisha in-game.
Nietto (GM): Battletag Mat#11420, or Nietto in-game.

About Rewind:
<Rewind> is an Alliance World of Warcraft raiding guild on US-Sargeras. First created in 2013 on Alleria, the guild was relocated to Sargeras Alliance under the name Pledge of Insanity. The core team has recently returned from a break and we are looking to hit the ground running in Battle for Azeroth.

We are currently 5/11 Mythic in Antorus, the Burning Throne and progressing quickly.

We are a fun-loving bunch that are active on off-nights as well, whether it be running mythic dungeons, leveling, or enjoying alt raids.

Important Information
Website: http://rewindguild.me
Raid times: Tues, Wed, Fri. 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM CST (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST)
WoW Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sargeras/Rewind
Loot system: Loot Council
Required Add-Ons: RCLootCouncil (for loot distribution), Weak Auras, and AngryAssignments. You should also have some sort of boss mod, such as Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs.
Voice client: Discord

You can apply directly on the website at http://rewindguild.me
All our raider expectations can be found at http://www.rewindguild.me/raid-expectations.html

Past and Current Progression:
Antorus, the Burning Throne - 5/11 M
Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 H (a break was taken at this point)
Nighthold - 9/10 M
Trial of Valor - 2/3 M
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 M
Hello! I'd love for you to add my battle tag so I can talk with you one on one to figure out if my guild is a great fit for you! :) Zeeli#11944
tip top^
If you would like to talk more privately add me Battletag: Lionsnot#1682

we raid sat-sun 7-10est
Currently 11/11 heroic 1/11 Mythic
We just formed 2 weeks ago and are looking for core players
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

8/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
still looking for a moderately progressed mythic horde guild
Hello there,

The Gang Tries Raiding is currently looking to bolster our roster in order to maintain a healthy roster for the rest of legion. And more importantly to hit the ground running once BFA comes out.

- We are on the alliance side on Stormrage. One of the bigger Alliance pop servers.
- We are 5/11M
- We raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 7h45 to 11EST
- Atm, we are looking for DPS

There is 3 ways you can contact us:
- BNET @ Dudetastique#1301
- Discorde @ Dudetastique#3190
- Or fill an application @ https://thegangtriesraiding.enjin.com/

Now for some background, we created our guild around christmas with a solid core of about 10-12 players. Took us awhile to recruit, but we finally managed to start in mythic by the end of January. Our goal atm is to raid for as long as possible in legion while building a solid raid team to hit the ground running in BFA. At that point the goal will be to get cutting edge every tier.

Thanks for your time
still looking for a moderately progressed mythic horde guild
<Dead Mans Party-Alexstrasza>

About us:

DMP is an 8 year old Horde guild. We are looking to pull completely out of normal and into heroic progression. We are a chill, relaxed, social guild that enjoys hanging out in discord and building relationships. We help gear those in need and prepare for raiding. A sense of humor is a must, we constantly pick on each other. Patience is another must. We are not perfect, and we do not intend to be.

Progress: 3/11H

Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30-10:00 pm Central Time.

High Demand: (Casters)
• Boomkin
• Mage
• Lock
• Priest(DPS)
• Shaman(ELE)

Moderate Demand:
• Druid(Feral)
• Monk(DPS)
• Warrior(DPS)

Low Demand:
• Shaman(Heals/melee)
• Hunters
• Death Knights

This being said, we do move people around to roles that they enjoy playing to make sure everyone has a good experience!

Contact Info:
• Btag: Lolipalooza#1139
• Discord: Superstylez#8948

Thank you for your consideration!
Fatal- illidan est. Nov. 2014

Hellfire Citadel- 10/13M
Emerald Nightmare- 7/7M
Trial of valor- 3/3M
Nighthold- 10/10M
TOS- 5/9M
Antorus- 3/11M

We are looking for exceptional Dps!

Returning from a small break after TOS, we are cutting edge players looking to build our roster for Mythic Raiding in ABT and BFA. We are looking for players with a background of mythic raiding experience. Our focus is building a cutting edge team for BFA while mythic raiding/selling heroic loot runs now!
We take high priority on providing a fun and active community filled with knowledgeable and competitive players looking to down mythic content. Come BFA we will knock down mythic every tier and get cutting edge. We also enjoy running mythic+ keys on our off nights!

Click our forums link for more info and check out our guild website to apply! Must be 21 years or older.

Raid times
Tues / Thurs 830-1130 pm cst (server time)

Forum Thead(more info)

Apply At
BNET: weezyb#1870
<Power Raiders> is a tight-knit guild of like-minded raiders. We are currently 11/11 H and looking to expand our ranks to jump into Mythic Antorus, and continue to be cutting edge in BFA! We strive to have two things within our guild, Progression and Community in unison. We will not sacrifice one for the other.we are currently 11/11(H)

About us: Many of our core have years of experience and either came back from hiatus or had real life aggro that caused us to switch up our raid schedules. Our voice chat program is discord. We are actively trying to fill our roster to continue pushing for CE.

Requirements to join: We simply ask that you have a decent understanding of the class you’re going to play, and that you are willing and able to listen and to learn.

Our Raid Times:
Tuesday/Wednesday 8-11 PM EST
Thursday 8-12 PM EST

Recruitment Needs
TANK: open
Healer: open
MDPS: open
RDPS: open

If you have any questions, feel free to add and message either me or the Guild Leader.

We would be willing to help you come to alliance if you would consider it let us know !

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