[A]•☽ <Song of Nightfall> ☾• Anu'dorini talah

Moon Guard
At dusk, the soft susurration of leaves that had been Leilla's lullaby through the afternoon became a fierce rustling, loud enough to drown out the chorus of the birds. The dim sky transformed into an ocean of protective dark, and in the gathering twilight, the stars and the moon shone brighter in the sky. Kalimdor was singing the Song of Nightfall again, and it could never be more welcome.
The Legion has been defeated. With Argus won, the eyes of the Kaldorei turn back to the Land of Eternal Starlight. Isolated with enemies adjacent our closest neighbors, the Song of Nightfall must call to arms, and sing their song once more.

We are dedicated to the protection of Kaldorei interests at home, defending and fighting when we must. We are a military unit designated to innovating a new generation of military and individuals for the Kaldorei armies. During these times of great changes and war, we will provide our members a home, family, stability that they can always return to. Song of Nightfall hosts character-driven RP events, festivals, holidays, explorations of the world, education, fun and of course fighting when the time comes for it.

Prior RP experience is not required, we’re quite happy to help you develop character stories and your skills in storytelling.

Formed over four years ago, Song’s main goal is to form ties between members, allowing for a stable system in which to provide aid for Kalimdor and its peoples.
☽ Requirements ☾
-No level/class requirement.
-Decent grasp on English language, doesn’t have to be perfect, everyone makes mistakes!
-Positive attitude, willingness to work with others.
-Mature behavior when it’s called for.
☽ Contact/Apply ☾
Message any one of the officers in-game for an invite or questions about the guild site, application process etc. To apply, please visit our guild site and click on the tab that says: apply. Then fill out the form to the best of your capabilities, including; IC/In-game name, Race, Class, Outlook (traditional, liberal, freelance, adventurous), brief character physical description, and an IC letter to the officers of Song. Reading and accepting the rules and guidelines of SoNG is a requirement.

After your application is approved, a short IC interview will be conducted by an officer.

Guild Website: songofnightfall.shivtr.com
•☽ Rank Structure ☾•
General (Guild Master): Fernfeather (Leilla Fernfeather)

Commander (IC officers): Midaeth, Bloodwhisper/Thanyr
Lieutenants (OOC/IC officers): Baelfor

Night Sentinel, Night Caster, Night Priest, Night Guardian, Shadow Reavers (IC ranks)

Allies/OOC (IC/OOC)

Seeker (Recruits)

•☽ Rank Descriptions ☾•
Night Guardian:

Druidic Sentinels: Medium to heavy armored soldiers. Capable of using modern sentinel weaponry as well as traditional druidic magic. Focused on keeping balance within the city with a firm yet gentle authority.

Who can be a Druidic Sentinel? Druids (Any spec), Hunters (Any Spec), Monks (Brewmaster or Mistweaver), Warriors (Any spec).

Druids: Medium armored, jobs range from healers to hand to hand combatants of both traditional and newer backgrounds. The druids protect Teldrassil at all costs.

Who can be a Druid? Druids (Any spec)

Animal handlers: Caretakers of the unit's sabers and animals, this group has the strongest bond with the animals. Not only do they care and train them, but they will aid in tracking and controlling ferals that manage to get within the city.

Who can be an Animal Handler? Druids (Any Spec), Hunter (Beast Master).
Night Sentinel:

Heavy: Heaviest armored of the unit, making up a large portion of the brute force in Nightfall. Sentinels and Wardens alike are welcomed in this division.

Who can be a Heavy Sentinel? Warriors (Any spec), Hunters (Any spec).

Outrunners: Hidden in the shadows in order to collect information critical to missions and the like, shadowstalkers must be quiet and be able to blend in well with any situation. Outrunners must be quick on their feet and intelligent so they can travel long distances to carry messages.

Who can be an Outrunner? Druids (Feral/Guardian), Rogues (Any spec), Hunters (Any spec), Monk (Any spec)

Rangers: Keen eyed sharp-shooters. Many will also be Animal handlers, who's companion will help them take down their targets swiftly and easily. They provide back-up for Sentinels in patrols and temple guard.

Who can be Rangers? Hunters (Any spec), Warrior (Any spec) Rogues (Any spec)
Night Priest:

Spiritualist: Spiritualists are in charge of performing the daily tasks in the temple and report strange activity to the sentinels. Spiritualists also put together social gatherings and events.

Who can be a Spiritualist? Any class (Except Death Knight + Warlock)

Battle-Priests: These capable healers are an elite group, able to serve as field medics as well as soldiers in times of battle. They are charged with the aid of injured sisters and brothers on the field, as well as regular infantry duties.

Who can be a Battle-Priest? Priests (Any spec), Monks (Any spec), Druids (Any spec), Paladin (Any spec)

Healers: Healers, as the name states, are those who deal with the physical injuries after patrols and battles. Healers can be anyone from an herbalist specializing in medicine to surgeons to full fledged magical healers.

Who can be a healer? Any healing class/spec combination. Herbalists and Alchemists as well.
Night Caster:

Arcanists: Magisters, Mages, and Wizards that practice only in magic are the main magic user of the group. Arcanists are more of a social group then military, similar to the Spiritualists. They help Spiritualists with events and the like. They find new ways to get closer to the community and gain a better relation with them.

Who can be an Arcanist? Priests (Any class), Mages (Any class)

Bookkeepers: Bookkeepers keep track of events that happen in the city, as well as do research on artifacts of Kaldorei history. Bookkeepers will aid in investigations and are given their information by the Shadowstalkers in order to interpret and report back to the Sentinels.

Who can be bookkeepers? Any class/spec.

Conjurers: Behind the scenes, there is always one group that can pull strings to make things happen. In Nightfall, the Conjurers are that group. Using their magical abilities, while still abiding by Darnassian Law, they are able to put together ways to get Sentinels in and out of riots, crowds and missions quickly and easily with their portals.

Who can be conjurers? Highborne, Priests (Any spec), Mages (Any spec), Shamans (Any spec)
Shadow Reavers:
A work in progress, Shadow Reavers will be more shadow based classes (Demon Hunters, Void Elf Warlocks, Death Knights, etc.)
•☽ Event Styles ☾•
Initiation Banquets (IC): Open to non-SoNG members. Bimonthly, we will host a banquet to celebrate our new and veteran members. You are more than welcomed to join us in our biweekly banquet of storytelling, feasting and getting to know one another. During each initiation ceremony, new members will be given a single ring used to communicate with the rest of the unit.
Campaigns (IC): Any member of the guild who is interested in running an event may, with approval from the officers. Typically campaigns will feature battle scenarios, and take up much time of the guild. SoNG will have multiple joint campaigns with its allied guilds.
Holiday Celebrations (IC): Type of event may vary year to year.

Summer Solstice: Sellistre 21st (June): Jurina'tore - The Great Hunt. Celebrated at the beginning of summer. When the land is fertile and rich and everywhere bursts with the green of plants and the hum of insects.

Winter Solstice: Norothil 21st (December): Illthanyn - The Cleanse. Celebrated at the beginning of winter, when the land is locked in ice and snow. Streams lie frozen and snow covers the ground like a blanket. Wrap up warm, for there are colder things than the weather.

Autumnal Equinox: Kaldore 22nd (September) Illuridei - Watchers Flame. A turning of the seasons ceremony. Leaves turn from green to a fireworks display of red and gold while heavy headed crops sway in the fields.

Day of the Dead/Samhain Date: Curuhen 1st-2nd (November) Shanar’delar - Honoring the Ancients. The night when the veil between the worlds of life and death thins. It is also the time of the final harvest, when the crops are safely stored for the coming Winter.
Shan’do and Theroshan, Trials and Training (IC/OOC): Upon a Seeker’s (Theroshan, or student) arrival to the guild, they will be assigned a Shan’do (teacher), who has been fully trained before them.The Shan’do will serve as both an IC & OOC guide to the ways of the Song. Once a Theroshan has been here will be a series of tests for the Theroshan administered by their Shan’do, and a final trial overseen by the Lieutenants and Commanders.
Contests (OOC): If you have a knack for literature, art, or are good at coming up with fun things for the guild, we hold bimonthly contests with pet, cash, or art prizes.
Mog Runs (OOC): Every other Tuesday we run a pre-voted dungeon or raid. Black Temple, Throne of Thunder, Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, we do it all. All loot is split up by determination of the coordinating officer.
Monday Movie Night (OOC): Biweekly, Song hosts movie nights using Rabbit! Movies are determined by polls announced weekly.
PvP Night/War Games (OOC/IC): Biweekly, Song will take to the battlefield for a night of adrenaline and glory. During BfA, we hope to get our members ranked. On the occasion, we will partner with another guild to compete in War Games!
Anudorini is my favorite pasta. Good luck with the guild.
03/23/2018 11:01 AMPosted by Alphons
Anudorini is my favorite pasta. Good luck with the guild.
With an Italian for an officer, we expect to be nothing less than al dente.
Best of luck to you guys! Nice to see more kaldorei willing to stand up and fight with the coming of BfA.
Absolutely wonderful people. If you're looking for a Kaldorei group this is definitely a fantastic one to choose! Only ever had pleasant encounters with you all :)
03/24/2018 08:09 AMPosted by Heithaeowyn
Absolutely wonderful people. If you're looking for a Kaldorei group this is definitely a fantastic one to choose! Only ever had pleasant encounters with you all :)
Aw, thank you so much! It really is good to hear that. Modan Co has always been great to us so it means a lot coming from you all.
Atleast it's not another high elf guild. Best of luck!
Throughout my time with Song I have experienced only friendly and well-versed roleplayers. They helped me get back into roleplaying after a long stint of inactivity and have molded me into the best officer in the guild, looking at you Nare >:), anyways all jokes aside, Song is a wonderful and welcoming guild and any and all interested in some super cool Kaldorei roleplay should feel free to shoot any of the other officers and I a whisper in game :)
Last night was movie night here in the Song of Nightfall! Does your guild have Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie nights? of course not. join song.
PvP Nights, Movie Nights, RP Nights - what's not to love? Only just joined but already in love with this Guild already! And so many friendly people~ I'd say if you're struggling with finding a homely NElf Guild there's no need to look much further :P
Thank you to Xanthre for the event tonight! I am excited to continue this campaign. :)
This sounds really intresting. I'm looking for some rp that is focused on the ne society/lore. It's that my main is on another server lol.
04/02/2018 08:29 PMPosted by Floraria
This sounds really intresting. I'm looking for some rp that is focused on the ne society/lore. It's that my main is on another server lol.

If you want to add me on Battletag so I can help you find a bit of RP, I'd be happy to have you. Archer#1533
How 'bout dat new Hippogryph doe?
I'm loving the new hippogryph!

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