967 G Druid 2/11 M LF Guild (H)

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I had to take a break from the game the past 2 months. I am looking for a tanking spot in an established raiding guild to finish off legion and start BFA right. In addition to my Druid have many tank alts. I enjoy tanking and would like to focus on that for the guild. Looking for a nice community that also runs M+. I am more than happy to tank 15s on my Druid and other tank alts.

My toons: G DRUID 967
Blood DK 958 (has Aman'Thuls lol)
Demon Hunter 958
Paladin 954
Warrior and Monk work in prog.

Sunday and any weekday in the evenings except TUESDAY.

Feel free to add my Bnet (best way to reach me)

We are currently 11/11 Heroic and 2/11 Mythic. We need a few more reliable, strong, and active players for our main team.

Wed: 8pm-11pm PST
Sun: 8pm-11pm PST
Mon: 8pm-11pm PST

Hello. We are currently recruiting exceptional Healers and DPS looking forward to pushing content and Mythic+ dungeons. We are looking for fresh players to join our ranks in our continued success in Mythic content. We are a varied group of raiders whom are dedicated to the team and having fun.

Our goal is to establish a stronger and unified team that works together to benefit the group as a whole rather than just the individual. What we look for though is maximum effort and mastery of your class and the specs. This may mean you would have to research and maybe work much harder on your characters and how to maximize what you do on your role on the team.

If you have any concerns please reach out to either of the following:
Sinalthor#1324 – GM and Raid Leader (Discord @ Sin#9002)
Pharuan#1896 - Officer

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