Selling Violet Spellwing, Argus Carry Runs

Blackhand and Galakrond

Late night option for getting your violet spellwing mount if you don't regularly raid!
Come run with Shut Up and Pull at 10:30PM Central time, various days of the week.

Due to the stat squish and increased difficulty in raiding, our prices have gone up. We now charge the price of two tokens for a carry as it takes us twice as long as before to carry half as many people. I am no longer taking off-server gold, so you will need to sell two WoW tokens on my realm (Blackhand or Galakrond) and trade me here. Sorry for the inconvenience friends. :(

Buyers must pay in full before the run. If for some reason you need to cancel, then we will refund your gold. You must have a 110 alliance toon for the carry. You do not need to be any minimum gear or do any starter quests. We will invite you to group and summon you to the boss. Afterwards you turn in a quest and get your mount! :)

IMPORTANT: I will be on vacation from Friday 8/10 through Monday 8/13, which means I can't personally oversee the next few mount runs, but due to high demand I've decided to instruct my team to continue doing them for people still interested! Please add my officer Arrowmir on his bnet at Miramar#1130 to ask about spots. We currently have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday spots still available, but they are filling up as I type this, so if you really want your mount, contact him ASAP. Thank you!
Thank you for your continued interest! Yes, we are still selling Antorus/Argus runs and will be doing so till mid-July! We accept payment on any realms for your convenience. :)
Come buy your pretty Spellwing mount before time runs out. It really is beautiful. :)
Our raid times are perfect for those who can't play till later in the evening. 10:30PM Central, usually takes 30 minutes or less.
I sent you a friend request, I would have two people going that I am paying for..(two different and sons)
I would be very much interested in this as well. I sent you an invite ingame
Interested in purchasing a run I've sent you a friend request.
Also interested in purchasing a run. I've sent a friend request.
Nedra, I have also sent a friend request from goukibuki. If you are still doing these runs.

Just wanted to say, Nedra and her guild delivered as promised. Quick and professional. So if anyone is having doubts, do not.

Thanks again!
Hi! Interested! PMing/add
Morgan, thanks so much for the review! I am happy to have helped you get your mount!

Still selling mount runs, but spots are limited, so please add me on bnet and ask if you are interested. Thank you. :)
I saw this offer this afternoon. Interested, I contacted Nedra and within minutes not only did I get a reply but I was invite for a run 2 hours later. I just completed my run and I'm the proud owner of Violet Spellwing. No fuss, no complications and a friendly bunch to boot! I highly recommend! TY Nedra for a great run and it was lovely meeting you!
Are these runs still going?
Yes, runs still going on. Just keep in mind I can't take you if you do not have a 110 alliance character. :( But you've already contacted me, Wargiver, so I know you're all set!

And Peanotte, thank you so much for the warm review, my dear! You lucked out on booking a same day run, haha. It just so happened that you contacted me on the day we were doing one. I was so happy to hear you were flying around on your bird right after!
I was in the same run as Peanotte. Thank you Neddy for a great run and delivering in spades. Highly recommend your services and your group to anyone who need you. Also happy to add the Birb to my Friendship Moose from WoD. Y'all delievered graciously and politely. And thanks again for accommodating me after I had to flake on Sunday's run due to medical nonsense. Monday night was great. Peanotte and I flew around Dalaran and waved at each other. (Surgery Tuesday morning was easy peasy just like the Spellwing carry run and I'm on the mend.) Thanks for a great start to my week and a great end to Legion! Best of luck in BfA!
I was interested in your offer and sent a request. Thanks!
Sent a friend request, interested in an argus kill. thank you
Interested in the next run, friend request sent. Thanks!
Hello friends!

I have gotten many bnet adds, so please feel free to message me offline once I accept your friend request. I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you. :)

Also, a frequently asked question is "can I still get the mount after pre-patch on Tuesday July 17th?" The answer is YES! You just can't get the AotC achievement anymore, but you can still get your mount up until BfA launch.

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