Why are people so entitled

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Rewards aren't enough to satisfy unless you're the only person with that reward.

I call it Snowflake Syndrome.
Well, clearly OP doesn't understand, because he isn't entitled, like us...
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If you run a business and do not LISTEN to what your customers WANT then you go out of business.

On the other hand, if you run a business and only listen to what your customers want, then you go out of business.

The business-customer relationship is one of mutual parasitism. Both will suck the other dry if given the opportunity.

Haven't run many businesses, have you?

How it actually works is this:

The business creates a product that consumers want to buy.
Consumers pay for said product, often with the business that has it at the best price.

Now, when L'Oreal changes their hairspray and it sticks to your head, or Coke changes its formula and people don't like it, people complain and buy other products.

The business can do one of two things; adapt to the customer's needs and wants, or attempt to continue on as they are.

Take a look at companies that don't adapt. How many people are playing Pokemon Go now? It was the "bee's knees" for a summer, then POOF! Most ditched it for other things. They didn't listen to player feedback and didn't add player battles or more stops. Now, it's too late.

As to the OP, "entitled," as someone else pointed out, is just a buzzword that gets thrown around on the forums a lot when edgelords want to complain about the complainers and belittle them.

If you don't like a change in a product, whatever that product may be, it's always best to speak out. It's up to the company to decide how to handle that feedback.

At its heart, Blizzard is a business. People talk about it like it's the evil empire, but really, it's not. It just happens to be a company that makes a game people like to play in order to make a profit. It's how businesses work. No profit means no company, no company means no game.

No one is "entitled" if they just want the same product they had before. If enough people are unhappy, they will just go play another game. It's better to try to give constructive feedback than it is to laugh at people who are unhappy, because ultimately, if enough people leave there's no one to sell to, no one to raid with, and no one to run dungeons with. There's also no one to pay the devs and the game folds. (Bye bye Star Wars Galaxies and all the other games that are long gone.)
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Haven't run many businesses, have you?

You completely missed the point. I'm not saying that they shouldn't adapt as necessary. I am saying customer's are very self-centered in their approach, which is to be expected, but the business has to look out for its own interests and usually has a better idea of what they're after than its consumers do. To use your own imagery, the person who wants L'Oréal to make a dead fish scented hair conditioner isn't going to get their way, no matter how much they want it, because they are a tiny minority and do not represent enough opportunity to be worth the investment. If L'Oréal made a point of listening to everyone who wanted something ridiculous like that, they'd go out of business chasing pennies. Half of the stuff people ask for here is probably not so far removed from that dead fish scented hair conditioner.

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