LF Mature established guild

Ghostlands and Kael'thas
955 dps warrior and 955 enh/resto shaman LF guild on Ghostlands. Currently looking for mature guild who raids but isn't hardcore.
HoldMyBeerNWatchThis> (Ghostlands-US Alliance) is actively recruiting members for it's core raid .We do provide Flasks, Potions, and Food for raiders. Raid times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8pm-11pm Server time CST.We are currently looking for a Melee ( rogue,warrior,unholy dk) and RDPS ( priest,Mage) and healers but we will accept any and all that want to come hang with us.If you like what you see or want to give us a try please message us in game: jilliebeans#1524, Phyrex (kevin#1322

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