Group of 5 coming LF Guild

Howdy Tich,

So me and my buddies are looking to get back into WoW and come over here to Horde. None of them played Legion, I am the only one and I think that they would most likely be playing casually until BFA drops this summer, and then we'll be going hard. I'm looking to jump right into current raiding after I get my gear up a bit for current tier.
Are there any guilds that would have room for a group of 5? I know its early to be looking at BFA but I'm looking to get a home server established.

Please let me know by replying
Im sure there are a few guilds here that would be interested. Should post what times you are looking to play/raid. I would offer my guild but we raid at 9am server so most cant make.

But posting your preferred times will help the recruiters
Yay more horde!
Well, I have a run where they can probably start. I just got back into WoW about 2 months ago and an old friend just handed my guild <Accelerate> back to me about 3 weeks ago....within 3 weeks...we're 11/11H & 2/11M already!!!! Planning to keep going and kick the butt out of the rest of Legion, but most of my main focus is a STRONG start into BFA.

Core Raid Days: Tues/Thurs 7:30 - 10:30 PM server

But for now, since you guys are just getting back into the game, maybe our heroic run on Sunday would be a good place to start which runs every Sunday 7 - 10 pm server. Then if any of you prove to have skill and gear up here, then you can always move into core raiding spots. Core raid spots tho will be awarded on an individual basis, based on performance, attitude, and attendance.

We can talk more in game, just add my btag Mariame#1624

Thanks for reading and good luck!
Ah ha I remember the post now, I was wondering!!!! You came in so sneaky into discord, I was trying to figure it out lol. You guys are still welcome to start gearing up in our heroic run on Sundays, and then eventually earn and move into core spots.
Hey Lokie! Hows it going man! <Eyes of the Betrayer> is our current guild, were 11/11H and 4/11M we are a semi hard core guild with 2 raid teams... Our Red team which is the main mythic team is currently full but our plan is to have our blue team fully filled up in preparation for BFA. I know we would love to accept you guys for BFA or even right now as we plan to have 2 raid teams up and running! Our guild is trying to be more than just a guild we are trying to be more of a gaming community welcome to everyone. We play plenty more games than just WoW for Example PubG, Overwatch, LoL, Dota2 etc. We would love to have you and your friends if you are looking for a casual environment which is all about just making friends and having fun.

Feel free to add me Yondy#1789 and we can discuss further if you are interested or just reply here!

Thanks mate!

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