Resurrected Tank LFG to learn Legion

Bronzebeard and Shandris
Greetings all. I guess stats first eh? Alliance Prot Pally, Lv 110, iLvl 895 (at the time of this writing).

I had been a very dedicated player from the cradle of Vanilla through the end of WotLK. Kids happened and I had to take a break. They are quite older now and play some themselves but when they log off I have been spending time with my old raid toons.

Long story short, I have always loved my tanks. Right now I have spent time raising my pally to cap and working gear outside of instances. I did a couple instances in the WoD ranks as I leveled and people were not very receptive to a tank that did not already know the runs (in leveling instances mind you, not raids). Thus, I pretty much focused on just leveling and having some fun experiencing the world. The old dungeon and raid bug is biting though.

I grabbed a guild just to get my rep up for helm and leg Heirlooms for the kerjillion alts I rolled each time my kids wanted to try a new race/class, but really my current guild doesn't do anything. I have poked around looking but it seems that by and large BB (and Shandris) are quite, well sedate, anymore, so finding an active home has been a bit challenging. So while I am not hunting for a guild, I would not be adverse to moving over to a different one.

I guess all that is a long way to say that I would like to find some folk to game with so I could see some of the sights that a group can really only do, but more than that have some folk to run with so I can learn and enjoy this xpac before BfA. Too often you run into bad stories about LFG/LFR and kicks because people have no patience today for anyone to learn. I am not asking for carries or overgeared friends. Nor asking for runs through raids (wouldn't say no if the group I was playing with actually wanted to run one though). Kinda would just like to find some good folk to enjoy the game with. Have room in the guild? Cool. Don't but have alts you want to level and are willing to show someone the ropes a bit? Rock on to that too. I remember the grouping that I used to do when BC first came out and I had a blend of folk from various guilds as we ground Heroics and friend pugged Gruul and Mags. We used to sweep up newer/returning players to help them get familiar at a quicker pace and made some really good friends that way (sadly none are active anymore). Any folk like that around anymore?

TL;DR - Returning Alliance player that would like to have a group to run with while I learn/experience Legion as a tank. I have the skill, just lack seat time in the current instances. Prot Pally, Level 110, iLvl 895, in a guild but only for rep rewards so if you would want me to move that is no issue.

Toon name - Elyena

Thanks for reading and any responses. Cheers!

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