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Hi all,

A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Waycrest Manor - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

The Visuals of the dungeon are superb. Very nice occult and haunted vibe from the entire dungeon. The Slow descent deeper is a nice setup. Final boss somewhat underwhelming.

Actual setup itself is a bit confusing, can get lost but minor issue.

Bosses seem overall rather easy.

Great Dungeon so far.
Such a cool dungeon, didn't have any major issues, mostly visual. Can't wait to see this one on M+. The path guide on the map that was present in Shrine of the Storm would be infinitely more helpful in here, but it wasn't present.

Pallid Gorger - Hallway before the Banquet halls has many issues with mobs evade resetting if you move them too far to avoid the ground effects

Soulbound Goliath - the Soul Harvest mechanic warns you about the boss gaining stacks, but neither the dungeon journal or in game offer a way to clear those stacks, not sure what to do about them. Boss was at 40 stacks when he died for my group.

Raal - The Tenderize graphic is very difficult to see, sameish color as the cloud of gas around the boss.

Gorak Tul - Way undertuned, even for normal. The adds didn't really do anything but melee, and the alchemical fire vials probably need some sort of visual aid, rather difficult to find (not that they were needed on normal)
Been looking forward to this dungeon since I finished Drustvar, but all my characters are locked from doing any dungeon now because it thinks I don't have my Heart of Azeroth even though I have a Level 5 Heart of Azeroth. Created a new character and Magni isn't showing up to give me the Heart quest.
Loved this dungeon. Hands down, my favorite so far.

I feel that the last boss was a bit underwhelming. Every other boss was engaging and had mechanics that would be potentially hazardous.... the last boss did.... well, nothing. Spawned a few adds that tickled.

Aside from that, love it... love everything about it.... 10/10, would run again.
Seems pretty cool, i am assuming that the left half and right half rotate similar to arcway.

The layout got confusing and we noticed (towards the end) that there were some blue orbs flying towards where we needed to go. Unsure if they were there from the beginning but if that is meant to be the "guide" so to speak, could amp the visual up to be more noticeable would help a ton. We spent a lot of time running around looking for the door's that were clickable. (Having the doors be open would help too im sure).

Portal at the end could probably take you back to the entrance or something, seemed a bit weird to get teleported to where you fight lady waycrest (pretty long run out from there if you can't hearth).

I got stuck at the stairs. Our priest had to grab me to be able to get past that invisible wall.
Wraith walk might have caused it.

refering to these stairs:

When standing by the fountain in Soulbound Golliath's room Matron Alma can attack me. I cannot attack her directly. It appears that Brambles is doing damage to her. Talented it makes Barkskin trigger Brambles and this is how I aggroed her.

Thrash, Swipe, Moonfire, etc. do not do damage just Btrambles.

Here is a screenshot:

Very nice visual looking dungeon. Dungeon is overall undertuned and there was nothing majorly difficult about the mechanics or needing to understand the mechanics. Dungeon is a little confusing at first but was fun to figure out where we were meant to be going. Would be great to see if the dungeon changes its layout each time so you have to go different ways.
Overall fun. Love the aesthetics of the place.

My biggest issue with this place is it's really confusing where to go. All the doors look the same. Nothing separates which doors lead to where aside from having to run around up and down stairs trying to find out which doors actually do open. Ended up doing the 2nd then 3rd boss then running around for awhile trying to find the first.

As far as bosses go most of them were fine.

Heartsbane Triad with 3 individual HP pools felt long and drawn out. Longest boss fight in there by far. If they had shared HP pools would have felt much cleaner. When we did this it had the length of 3 boss fights but the feel of one so feel like doing this place over and over through the expansion this fight will just be tedious.

Raal the Gluttoneous the adds seemed like they got to the boss rather quickly and didn't have much time for our dps to get to them before they were standing at the boss.

Lord and Lady Waycrest was over all a good fight. But, I wish that the heal was better telegraphed. When doing the encounter I thought i was doing something wrong while tanking the boss and it's hp would randomly poof back to full with nothing really indicating what was going on.

Gorak Tul felt kind of like a let down. Abilities didn't feel like they did anything. I'm sure he was doing something but over all was kind of just a tank and spank with nothing special.
Works very nice, mechanics are good, not to easy but also not to hard for a normal Dungeon.

Graphic Issues on Fight against the Last Boss, where Zone Graphics fade out and stay Blue, but characters of Groupmembers and the Boss could be seen.
I REALLY loved this dungeon! It is gorgeous and creepy, with an interesting variety of bosses and trash.

The spirit trail showing you where to go was a really neat touch; it would have been easy to get lost without it.

The last boss is my only complaint. He literally just stands there and autoattacks the tank. Sometimes he spawns an add but they also do literally nothing. My group just cleaved them down without the fire vials. Extremely boring and underwhelming, a terrible finish to an otherwise amazing dungeon.
It is currently possible to bug lord/lady waycrest if you manage to do enough dps and kill lord waycrest before the lady cast the heal on him which breaks the fight and you need to wipe to reset it. Lord Waycrest should be immune to death until the lady jumps into the arena.
Beautiful dungeon. Love the mansion idea especially with the hallway size and railing jumping potential. I really wish the Organ pipes were actually used though, and the whole place really felt lack luster in lore explanations after having done the zone. I was glad to see the Inquisitors use some fire finally, as I guess the ancient Kul'tiran order/secret to fighting Drust magic is fire and silver, but we rarely used much silver or fire in the questing zone despite extensive witch and drust magic combating. The large Wicker bosses mechanics seemed like they could be a bit more clear.
I'd love to see some more dialogue or eerie organ music to top the dungeon off.
The flow is pretty good, although the halls are small, it does have a unique feel to it.

The dungeon itself looks and feels amazing. Haunted Mansion feel to it.

Boss encounters are pretty unique. Enjoy the overall feel of the fights.

The difficulty of the Bosses is just way too easy. Even for normal, I don't ever feel like I'm doing anything other than fighting a trash mob with a much larger health pool.

During the encounter with the 3 Sisters, I was mind controlled by one, and kept a debuff from our Death Knight tanks Death and Decay permanently. The only way to clear it was to die. So I had 90% reduced movement speed until that point.

Again the dungeon feels and looks brilliant. Would love to see the Bosses feel a bit more menacing.
My 119 hunter Palegreen got a debuff that would not go away and the healer could not dispell it, So I had to die to actually have it removed. Not sure how the debuff was placed on the hunter but it happened during the 3 witches encounter. Debuff is called: Jagged Nettles.

Overall the dungeon was fine as a BM Hunter I was afraid of pulling extra mobs but I had enough space to angle my shots away from the other packs.
Remember in The Arcway when it would be random what order the doors would be unlocked in? What if this dungeon had those doors, but they changed on an Xminute timer. It wouldn't be very mythic + Friendly but man would it make for an intriguing design. (i also recognize its likely to late for something like this to be implemented, input for future dungeons i suppose)
Love the dungeon otherwise. the boss fights, aesthetic, and numbers (trash/health/damage/etc.) all seem very on point to me.
absolutely love the design of this dungeon. it is a little confusing how to get through the first part, but i think thats part of the point. gives me a "luigi's mansion" feel and i love that. i just wish my character would hum the theme song too.
has anyone done the optional Seamstress boss ?

I've been in a group that does the optional huntsman boss you activate by clicking the flower in the fountain in the outside area.

But I've yet to get a group that does the Seamstress boss.

She's upstairs to the left through the first door then take another left. Once you clear the mobs there right click the loom to summon her.
This feedback is from the first Beta build (April 24) as a fresh level 120 Brewmaster Monk.

The overall flow of the dungeon:
Perhaps this will get better with time, but my group was incredibly confused on where to go and how to get there. This'll be very bad at the start of the expansion, but perhaps will get better with time.

Visuals, including creatures and environment
The creates were excellently themed and very much in keeping with the "haunted house" vibe of the dungeon and the storyline of Drustvar. The environment was in terms of graphical fidelity was fine, but I encountered two issues: First, the hallways felt very cramped for a manor, especially when you consider that Drustvar is a very open zone with lots of land--it felt more like a manor in the city rather than a manor in the countryside. Second, and this is something maybe unique to my group, but we struggled to find the way to the second boss because we didn't expect the pathway behind the staircase. Maybe a change in lighting near that pathway would be good to help indicate that something is there?

Boss encounters and their mechanics
It was difficulty for me to understand what was going on during the Heartsbane Triad encounter. I get that they put up a "shield" of sorts, but it's not immediately clear which sister does what ability. The Lord and Lady fight was quite difficult, and my grouped wiped two or three times to all the tank (me) getting smashed. All the other bosses seemed in line with what I would expect from a normal level dungeon.

Overall difficulty
The trash hit hard, although it was less difficult than in other instances.

Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
Nothing in particular.

Any other general thoughts about the dungeon
The dungeon was incredibly long, although part of that is because we spent a good 10 minutes wandering around lost trying to figure out where to go. The run back to Lord and Lady after a wipe was quite long, and I found myself wishing for a secondary release point in the dungeon rather than always running back from the start.

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