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Hello all and welcome, [Discfunctional] is a newer guild on Zul'Jin and we are looking for more well rounded people for our community. Here you will find typical guild things such as raiding on scheduled days, mythic+ dungeons, laughing about PvP, talking each other out of more world quests and overall grumbling about how the game "just isn't what BC was".
We are comprised of a tight knit core that has been playing and raiding with each other dating back to late Wrath and Cata.
Some things that may set us apart from others include, the general desire and strive to be the best players that we can be given the opportunities the game offers us, min maxing, light raid times on a later evening schedule, constructive criticism, a discord server to share all your juiciest memes.
We at [Discfunctional] are orientated around that single word. Progression. We can offer you a spot to not only raid without having to worry about pugs being pugs and sucking, but also a home for you to be an actual member and make a difference for yourself and the guild together. While we are on a light schedule of only Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a future optional day, we always aim to power through content on the days we are active. As stated earlier, we raid later than a lot of other guilds with raids and events starting at 9pm central time (7pm pacific, 10pm eastern time) and we have currently just been stopping when we clear, but for real progression nights we end around midnight central (10pm pacific, 1am eastern).
Our goals for the remainder of this expansion is to simply build a strong roster of like minded individuals who maybe need to step back from the more 'hardcore' scene while maintaining the idea of a statically progressive guild, or those looking to maybe go further than just casual. Everyone here is an adult, we (mostly me) use profanity, we have full time jobs, families, all in all we understand if something comes up. It happens, I have had to wipe a butt mid pull before, we all understand. If you choose to not show up, I simply request a notice so we are not holding a spot for you.
Our roster is looking well on track for mythic sooner than later, we are in need of a few classes specifically to not have an overage of anything. Those classes/specs are as follows.
N/A currently but off specs are welcomed
Holy/Disc Priest
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Death Knight/Warrior w/Tank OS
Balance Druid/Ele Shaman w/Heal OS
Shadow Priest
Ret Paladin/DK
If any of this is of interest to you, please drop a comment below so I can go back on later and stalk you on every WoW tracking website available. It also helps out as it bumps the post back up and shows that it isn't just me looking like a fool bumping the crap outta this. Also, feel free to add myself @ climdog#1524 or our main officer whom has 24hr contact with me @ LunaRayne#1959. If you made it this far, I expect to talk soon.
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breakfast sends me to the top in the morning, so will posting this for this forum thread
bumpin up, heroic on tuesday for a hopeful 1 night clear, m+ wednesday
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clearin heroic tonight
starting in roughly an hour, need some more peeps so we can get started in mythic
Hey I just wanted to post on here - this was an awesome group to run with.
Thanks Nettie, hope to talk more soon, bumpin it on up!
are you excited for 16+ keys tonight. cuz i am
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dont take my word, take the words of our pugs that have joined.
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heroic farm tonight lets see some fresh faces
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