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I use my battlepet mirror and reflecting prism to turn my entire team on battlegrounds into cockroaches or baby dragons
I trusted the devs when they promised more communication. Boy, was that regrettable.
03/29/2018 07:20 AMPosted by Talbervo
I trusted the devs when they promised more communication. Boy, was that regrettable.

we are all gullible sometimes you are forgiven little one
I haven't really sacrificed everything.

Don't tell the others!
03/28/2018 03:37 PMPosted by Narishi
Gonna have a hard time contributing to DPS while running somewhere if you're facing the opposite direction to run away.

Not exactly a dealbreaker in most content but if you're trying to be the best you can be it'd be something to think about.

Good thing I'm a healer (holy main spec) and it's never been an issue for my DPS classes. I'm really not worried about classes I'm not maining. I managed a bit of mouse turning on Guarm when I was playing my DH but that's really the only time I've felt it necessary.

Thanks for your super necessary and helpful input that I've definitely never heard before though.
I use the mercenary feature to play as alliance and throw BGs.

Or even when I don't throw I out perform the rest of the team and talk !@#$ because alliance sucks.
Sometimes... late at night... I miss Tseric.
When the healer satchels are up for lfr, I que for them and put beacon on myself and cast flash of light every now and then on the tank and look up transmogs.
I sometimes go after other players who clearly aren't interested in actual pvp in free-for-all pvp world quests just to finish them faster.
I once used Rain of Fire at Lorlathil to kill every single furry critter I could find.
Calling of work because I need to unwind and by unwind I play WoW. That and I take off 3-4 days every expansion and do play for 24 hours at the expansions release at 3 am EST.
I would use Divine Intervention on tanks mid-fight in PuG raids with people who were jerks.

They deserved it.
I play on a mac with no mouse on my iphones hotspot.
Just now, I was able to kill Agatha. Only 1.3 years later
I was actually born at 3pm
I... had a wild night with a female Void Elf and Blood Elf.

I deleted my Warlock out of a childish rage fit after using him to make my DH, because I felt that he was change from a Demon Lord that can Meta and have a Demon Army to a Brood Mother that spawns a bunch of silly dogs and imps... o and don't forget imps that ride dogs! lmao... oh man its funny how mad I was now that i look at it! Good times...

I don't think I can be redeem XD
I'm the person that puts a Direbrew's Remote in the starting area of Alterac Valley and laughs when my teammates get ported to Blackrock Depths.
03/28/2018 09:46 AMPosted by Felryn
friend and I tagged and stole this group's Alani mount sometime during the Legion prepatch.

Absolutely 0 regrets, I'm not about to farm that.

^not human
I MD trash to a healer in LFR, just to test the tanks reflexes.

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