[H or A] Group LFG

Icecrown and Malygos
1.Times available & time zone: We are all located across the map, but mostly PST evenings

2. Server preference: Icecrown/Malygos

3.Faction preference: We’re flexable and willing to faction change for a good guild

4.Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: I’d say we’re casual with semi-hardcore leanings.

5.Current progression/experience: Three of us are 6/11-11/11 H current content but we have two new WoW nerds and one returning player who are not.

6.Recent logs (if available): We’re not that hardcore.

7.Anything else: We’re a cluster of 6-ish nerds looking for an active guild for good times and wacky shenanigans. We are looking for a guild that understands that we’re adults with jobs and lives so we can’t show up to every raid/event. We’d love if it you had an active discord community.
We are a low-sodium group who prefers having fun over topping the DPS charts. It’s a game, and while we like being good we also prefer having fun to yelling or belittling people when we don’t win every game or one-shot every boss – especially as we have a lot of friends joining for the first time once BoA drops. We want to find a drama-free guild environment where if we can all enjoy the game together. We enjoy long walks on the beach to collect herbs/mining nodes, drunk RBG on Fridays (we’re all under 2k rating thanks to this), and trying to sweet talk Anzu into dropping a mount. We’re here to have fun, which means we want you to have fun too.
Hi!, I'm going to leave the typical spam stuff below. but it sounds like you guys would be a good fit for us. Hit me up if you wanna chat i dont have my discord tag at the moment but my bnet stuff is in the spam :P

We are recruiting all classes and levels for questing, dungeons, and raids in both Legion and Legacy zones. We utilize discord and are building up supplies in guild bank for food ,potions, patterns and enchants. most of us have been around since Vanilla, we are looking for like minded people to have fun with.

Most of us work and have Kidos so we are a casual laid back guild, but looking to build up ranks.

We are a Central Standard Time guild and are usually on from 5 PM - 2 AM. Open to Icecrown/malygos servers -Alliance.

We are friendly and mature (sort of) group of people in our 30-40s we have a couple of husband wife teams, and most nights we are in discord just kidding around shooting the...well ya know ;)

If you are interested or want more information - please send us a message in game (Fleasworth ,Ahsila, critneyfears or jadlinn ), mail us in game, or reach out via this forum.

My Goal in our guild is to be able to clear current content while having fun with a good group of people. if your looking for a chill friendly environment to call home hit me up my btag is

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