[H] <One Hundred Percent> is hardcore casual.

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<One Hundred Percent> is a guild that plays 100% of the game. We do old and new content. Achievements, mount runs, pets, xmogs, BGs, world PvP, everything.

We're a smallish group of friends who are usually on voice chat (Discord). Voice chat is optional, but encouraged. I promise there is no better way to play WoW than with friends on voice. Give us a chance, or listen if you're shy!

I call us hardcore casual. Lots of old content runs, achievement and rep farms, whatever people are unlocking or whatever goals they set for themselves, we try to do it as a team.

I'm Komo, the guild Mistress. Been playing this character since vanilla and not going anywhere!!

If you're interested... we accept old and new players! Reply here or contact one of us in-game. Your ilvl won't matter in 6 months.... go hardcore casual!
Been 3 days, so... bump!!

With BFA coming even sooner now, what are you gonna finish before Legion is over? We've got a few new members. Discord is about 2-8 people most of the time. Join 100% and take casual wow to the next level! We also offer lifelong friendship and community.
Best wishes! Hope to see you out in the world :)
04/08/2018 10:18 AMPosted by Aeriara
Best wishes! Hope to see you out in the world :)

Ty ty!!

We've got a few new recruits. Had 5 on Discord tonight. Doing late night karaoke right now.

Give us a try and start playing wow with friends again!!!
Hey ED! We're almost at the sweet spot for a small and social guild. We could use a few more members!! I don't want to be huge, we never throw invites to random people.

If you're looking for friends, community, and a variety of content old and new, give us a try! Only 110 days before BFA!!! We're going in strong with all the transmogs, mounts, mage tower appearances, and fat stacks of gold to make the next expansion our !@#$%.
Do you RP?
04/26/2018 03:31 PMPosted by Jalen
Do you RP?

Also wondering.

You guys ought to try if not. Even light RP can be super fun, especially if you're as into the game as yall say in the OP doing all of that content.

We're still recruiting!! <One Hundred Percent> found 4 awesome new active members last week. We could still use some more to keep the guild active at all hours.

Do we RP? Kinda. We do casual content together like holidays and we take transmogs very, very seriously. The RP isn't serious, but we do meet up and play within the world together like a proper oldschool guild. RP is optional, but I encourage it! Is ganking people RP? Cause I love fighting for the Horde ;)

Give us a shot! 6 on Discord (voice) right now at 4pm on a Wednesday. We're nice and inclusive ;)
05/09/2018 01:09 PMPosted by Komo
Is ganking people RP?

You guys sound exactly like what I've been looking for, a small social casual group that does a bit of everything. I'd love to join you guys and make some new friends. I'll be in game a lot today so send me a whisper if you see this! Thanks.
Hey guys!! We're still recruiting!!!

I want to recruit more before BFA comes out, we're still active every evening but it has been slowing down as people are waiting for BFA. Our average age is 24-30. We're friendly to all, regardless of age, gender, race, or orientation. We're a family guild without the thin skin; we have a good sense of humor and we relish murdering the Alliance every chance we get. For the Horde!!!! Give <One Hundred Percent> a chance and see if you find a home with us.
This sounds like something I would be into. I have a few alts as well that I'm looking for a place to call home. I'll send a tell in game.
I had a guild back in 2005 called Hundred Handed so approve of this guild name!
Do you guys do any current raid content? i like small friendly guilds but i'm looking to just get the content done on heroic when it comes out and then relax after :)
07/02/2018 05:30 PMPosted by Zalckar
Do you guys do any current raid content? i like small friendly guilds but i'm looking to just get the content done on heroic when it comes out and then relax after :)

We don't currently have enough active 110s who are interested in endgame raids. I think we'll probably be doing early raid progression in BFA. The current solution is to just pug the raids, then continue being a filthy casual.

Edit: Anyone trying to get an invite. I'm Lucy#7462 on Discord. You can also /who one hundred percent and ask to speak with an officer.
You guys sound like a lot of fun!

Me and my friend is coming back to WoW for BFA (since Wrath!). We are planning to stay for the long haul. We like raiding, but we don't have the time to commit to a hardcore progression guild. Is that something you guys might aim towards going into BFA?

We also love pet battles. And pretty much just want to have a good time in Azeroth.

Could I jump onto discord to see how things are in there too?

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