Chill leveling stream (Teach me how to mage.)

Wyrmrest Accord
Hi, guys. I'm starting up a Roleplay focused streaming channel and do a lot of cool stuff with Ark, Dark and Light, Sea of Thieves, and other role play platforms. I mix in some competitive bits as well. I want to add World of Warcraft into my schedule and to that end will be primarily leveling my Nightborne mage.

I've played the game since Vanilla, but never bothered with macros and haven't really played a mage before - so I'd be happy to have someone help me understand macros and such so I don't get laughed at when I click >.> lol.

I'm always in character even when out in the world so, currently, Leyscribe Arcodeous is simply exploring the wider world that's now available to his people.

Anyway if you want to swing by and hang out:
We're at it again if anyone wants to hang out!

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