Vanilla WoW sucked.

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04/12/2018 06:36 AMPosted by Elfabulous
I finish my Whirlwind Hammer.
axe better :( even for human
04/12/2018 06:17 AMPosted by Menard
I hated Vanilla WoW. They game didn't tell me crap. I remember when I made my first character I wanted a hunter. After I was level 6 I finally figured out that I had picked a warrior.

I hated how when I died, I had to walk from the graveyard to my body. Where was the graveyard located? Oh it was conveniently placed on the opposite side of the zone. You'd think with how religious some races were, we'd have multiple graveyards. Nope. Walk off those kaldorei spider legs you just ate you out of shape minion.

I hated how I never got a weapon. Like ever. I was still level 20 using some green weapon that dropped off of a tiger in the starting zone.

I hated how when I killed a bear, it never had any meat. Naturally bears have meat. But the bears in WoW weren't normal bears. They were alien bears who lacked meat. Deal with it.

I hated how when I saw an Orc the first time he killed me. He was in my forest and killed me. I then realized mercy wasn't going to be allowed. Ever.

Vanilla WoW sucked. It was a poorly designed game. But then at the time it was an awesomely designed game. If a game had a bipolar disorder, it'd be Vanilla WoW because it couldn't make up it's mind on what it wanted to be.

40 man raids! Woah, awesome! Oh, you've been playing a BM hunter since level 10? Might as well abandon Scooby Doo you got there, because you're Marksmen now. Deal with it.

Sitting in Ironforge all day and finally a healer joins. Oh god. It's a druid. If you're already sitting at your computer and it's 8:39 PM and you've waited an hour for this group, might as well not compromise now. You told your friends you're busy anyway. Enjoy your druid and don't die unless you like walking back. Which you will. You didn't need the "Of the Monkey" feral gear to tell you that.

I hate you World of Warcraft. I hate you so much. And I can't wait to hate you again.
Everything you just complained about just tells people you were lazy and/or didn't pay attention.... Go back to retail.
Did you just read the whole post and not understand the last sentence?
Some people are dense. There was a lot to hate about vanilla, but it had tons of character. Regardless I will be going back. Going to bring memories of Nov 2004 right back to me.

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