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you see it in the group, you know you'll have a hard time getting somewhere
night elf male tank? lol leave that LFR, he'll probably make the boss cleave the raid up to det 10.
night elf male dps or healer? will, certainly, afk.
night elf male in BGs?
1 Male Nelf = manageable.
2 Male Nelfs = Hard Game.
3+ = impossible.

they also make the most satisfying death sound, so you feel forced to play horde just so you can hear all those male nelf dying
Imo gnomes have a far more enjoyable death flop
Female draenei. It's so sad and pathetic how they die. I love it.
04/15/2018 05:11 PMPosted by Nubaheals
night elf male in BGs?
1 Male Nelf = manageable.
2 Male Nelfs = Hard Game.
3+ = impossible.

Sad you find it impossible to beat a team with 3 male Nelfs. Looks like you know how to pvp, they must be massively OP.

: )

edit: forgot a word

Love ya too, Big Guy! ♥
Most male Night Elves players I've talked to have been fans of the game since Warcraft 3 and have been playing WoW since it came out. mostly nice people as well.
Is this some sort of inside joke i am not getting or.....
i remember a WSG back in vanilla, where for a change of pace a really good nelf male druid joined, and even though alliance still didn't win (never did back then), we still managed to last a long time (was no timer on wsg then -- just whoever capped three flags first) cause that guy was so good with his druid. he knew when to use and not use forms. he'd pop out, heal, pop back into cat or bear, depending on if he needed speed or hp. he come out of form, moonfire, dots, spread regens, heals, back in again. was fun just watching him.
Cows dumbly falling and faceplanting is the funniest dead.

Because they're not Nightborne.

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