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No love for the Fell Hammer I see. I hadn't played wow for 5 years, and just started playing again a few months ago, and the DH class hall is about all I've known. The fact that it's a spaceship makes me like it more than most places, it looks more futuristic, rather than fantasy. It may not have some of the better features but as far as appearances go, I choose the spacey look over fantasy any day.
Based on aesthetics, layout, accessibility and usefulness :

Fave: the druid one for me. You can get there from anywhere in the world, it's pretty, it allows you to get back to Broken Shore Dal AND multiple spots in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. Would have loved a port to the Jade forest but whatever. It has a mailbox which is a huge timesaver.

My only gripe was the training dummies were kinda tucked away in a weird location.

Runner up - The monk one. Simple and straightforward, so pretty. Port to Pandaria!

Least fave: shaman. I guess you could die in the rogue one by drowning. But I already died 2-3 times on the shaman one. Props for being extremely thematic and lore relevant though. I just don't dig being in there. The layout is confusing for me (on account of rarely being in there)

Runner up: The hunter one before they added the port in Dal. I forget when they added the port, but I remember having to take a frickin' flight point there. It was a bit of torture.
Favorite is shaman and monk. I like mage too but for some reason I feel soooo slow when traveling through there.

Least favorite is probably DH. It just feels cluttered to me, and the layout doesn't make sense.

Rogue: Terrible layout, worst entrance, no speed boost and it's in a damn sewer.

To thing that there is still people that use the glorious goods shop entrance instead of the bread and cheese one. There is another one in the blacksmith and mining trainer shop and the big sewer tunnel also.
I think the Hunter hall has perfect aesthetics for the class. Inside the lodge is fairly small so no mount isn’t an issue and outside you can fly. Rogue is my runner up. Again, I think it fits aesthetically really well with all the secret passages and hidden right under Dalaran. Rogues go so fast not being able to ride doesn’t bother me.

Least fave is Paladin. Even with speed boost and 2 charges on mount the distance from one end to the other is too far. I don’t like it being out in EK either. Runner up Warrior Hall - it has Odin in it. He’s an a$$. I do like the Jump to any part of the broken isles though. That’s very nice.
fav to least fav of all the ones I have characters for so far...

hunter: GREAT music. fun npcs like that dude who wants to date a dark ranger so badly he made up a new hunter title. in the middle of the broken isles so you can fly anywhere pretty quick

death knight: cool aesthetic, good campaign story. having the recruiters on different floors is a lil annoying but at least you can fly. bonus points for hammy names like “winter payne”

druid: dreamway portals are super handy, though i haven’t used them in a while. kinda wish the ancients around the grove had a little variety—we never see ancients of war anymore & i miss their gnarly faces

demon hunter: multiple floors with only jumpies/dashes to go faster, not too fun to get around. but i like the npcs a lot (aside from jace, that guy’s an !@#) and i like how your initial choice of leader affects parts of the campaign

monk: eh. not fond of the layout, and there isn’t much flavor that wasn’t already there in MoP. feels like the same old turtle but less lively than it was as a starting zone

priest: it’s... boring. the candle wall in the void room is cool, but there’s no character to the place. everyone aside from alonsus faol (who i do like, “undead deckard cain” is a fun concept) and the faction leaders might as well be nameless

extra mention to warrior, which i’m not looking forward to. i do not like odyn as a character & i feel like the halls of valor/valhallas are a vrykul thing, not a warrior thing

Death Knight: I love Acherus. Definitely home for my DK.
Demon Hunter: Legion spaceship! Aw yeah!
Monk: Wandering Isle, I've missed you so much. <3
Paladin: Pretty nice layout and I love seeing so many paladins there and some I recognize while I leveled (Like Tarenar and Gidwin)
Warrior: Design is okay, I mainly like it because I can jump to anywhere on the Broken Isles
Mage: I like the layout and how it's designed. My only issue with it is no portal to the Broken Shore with the Nexus.
Warlock: I love how I own what's basically a Legion world. With a small harem of succubi no less.


Shaman: I like the Maelstrom and all, but the layout isn't that great in my opinion.
Priest: Feels rather unoriginal or boring here.


Rogue: It should've been Ravenholdt Manor.
Love the druid, love the hunter, stopped playing the warlock because of the class hall. (I was running too many alts at the time and never had enough time to get everything done every day, so I had to prune some down.)

The warlock hall is buggy to access, off of a sewer, and dank, dark and full of death and evil. It's just not my style and really didn't fit in with the Legion narrative for me.
04/16/2018 07:43 AMPosted by Wyldeth
Death Knight is awesome. Portal to it from anywhere and get almost anywhere from it. Easy layout.

Warlock is bad because annoying entrance. Dalaran is the longest load area in the game, and you have to hit it up just to get in and out of the dread scar along with running across Dalaran to even get to it and get anywhere from it. Blah. Also, the artifact upgrade station is a long haul up the hill. It's a cool area, but it's the least convenient of the ones that I've tried. At least the mission table is right next to the door.
Honestly you'd think off all classes locks could port to their Classhall
I dislike the warlock one.

Any time I am in the DH one, my frame rate drops from 100 down to 30 or 20. It's a huge room full of several hundreds moving NPCs and it wipes out my computer. And there is no reason for all that. Other than the first 5 minutes, I have never looked at any of those hundreds of troops.
Favorite: Mage. Feels like I'm in Harry Potter
Least Favorite: Warlock. It's super boring
I like the Hunter and Shaman for both aesthetics and the fact that everything youn need is fairly close together in the layout.

Monk I like for pure aesthetic and my Panda gets to revisit the Wandering Isle, glad they left the gates open so we could revisit the place.

Dislike the Warrior, Warlock and Mage simply because things are too spread out to make visits there quick and easy.
DK one, since she can just port directly there and then back to where she was (death gate.)
The one thing I don't like about it is the stupid two level thing. I wish they would have dumped that in Legion.
At least you can even use flying mounts there.

The Hunter one is laid out really nicely, good that it is "outdoors" instead of in a building.

The Priest one is kind of lame. You have to go into a building in Dalaran, then a lady casts a speed buff on you. If you logged out there, though, you no longer have that speed buff on unless you go to her again.
It is also a HUGE room, which is kind of confusing when it is your first legion priest.
My 100 Club includes a Paladin, Hunter, Mage, Warrior, Rogue, and 2 Monks.

Paladin: I really love that it's under Light's Hope Chapel, and I like the feel of it. The layout is kinda meh, though.

Hunter: Also a bit meh. I don't "get" the Unseen Path. It's kind of a hassle having to run out back to get to your research center; why couldn't that be inside with everything else? The one upside of the Hunter Hall is location; I found it impossible to get to northern Highmountain for any other class. I finally got someone to fly me there.

Mage: I like the look and feel, love having a teleport to there, and a portal direct to Dalaran... my mage could literally throw away her hearthstones and still be able to get anywhere in the world quickly. I really hate the layout, and I regularly run laps trying to find what I'm looking for.

Warrior: all sorts of meh. What the other class halls have brought, is a historically appropriate nod to the nostalgia of WoW as it pertains to the class and the Warrior Hall doesn't do that. I'm actually Norse blooded myself, so I have no problem with the Valhalla theme, but it doesn't make me go "yes, this is what a warrior is all about."
...one side note. Those of you who played Warrior long enough to remember Stance Dancing, and the icons that popped above our heads when we changed stances. I remember being involved in a heated thread complaining about the icon for Fury stance "why is some rando dwarf face appearing above my head when I switch to Fury?" Especially for Warriors who weren't Dwarves of Alliance. When my Warrior (Fury) finally equipped the rage blades (whatever the hell their name is) that's the same icon that popped on the screen. So, it wasn't a Dwarf face after all, it was Odyn. Mystery solved... over a decade later.

Rogue: Really enjoyed the Rogue starting scenario, and love the class hall. Like others, I wondered "why not Ravenholdt????"

Monk: Ah, the Wandering Isle. This makes me happy. I should actually see how far from the actual temple you can wander. See if I can bump into Double Agent out there.
Favorite: Shaman- It is visually the most impressive in my opinion. I can just stand on the cliff overlooking the maelstrom for several minutes at a time and soak it in.
Least Favorite: Deathknight- again it's the amount of visual appeal the place has for me. I find very little that I like in this place. It's too outdated and looks like a collection of Tim Burton's childhood sketches.
I think the warriors have the best one. You can fall out of the sky near all the emissary merchants, you can mount and everything is pretty close together. Heck Warriors have better ports than mages IMO since the mage portal sticks you in goofy places and you can't mount in the mage hall.

My least favorite would be between rogue and warlock.
Favorite: Druid
Honorable Mention: Rogue, Paladin
Worst: Warlock, DH, DK
04/16/2018 06:22 AMPosted by Tovi
Death Knight: It's home plus I can fly.
Druid: Mailbox and I can fly.
Hunter: I can fly; every thing is inside or right outside the lodge.
Monk: I can at least use my ground mount; the turtle is pretty.
Paladin: No mounts but the speed boost makes up for it. Plus, it's laid out well.
Priest: Speed boost, nice layout.
Warrior: Ground mount; port to any where.

Warlock: It's cool that I can mount but I don't like the color scheme.
Shaman: Same as Warlock.
Mage: I don’t like the layout but the port to it is nice.

Demon Hunter: Terrible layout, terrible entrance and no speed boost.
Rogue: Terrible layout, worst entrance, no speed boost and it's in a damn sewer.
I agree with this. im kinda pissed about losing dominance over acherus (the DK speed boost while in Acherus) but being able to fly makes up for it somewhat.
the ones where i can mount are cool. the ones where i cant mount kinda blow.
The Class Hall even though I found to have missed the mark, could of been a great idea even going forward. I'd love to see them shake that idea up and reintroduce it so that old ideas like that don't end up in the garbage.

(Not the current iteration of the Class Hall but if they came up with a keeper, abandoning it in the following expansion completely kind of is a bummer)

Favourite though?

Druid was neat... fit very nicely.

Mage was very fitting and I liked it.

Warrior aesthetically was awesome but for me felt like it didn't fit that Warrior theme. Maybe if it were for a Vrykul race only : P otherwise I was picturing them to have a more rustic area - something similar to the look of that hut in Stormheim where you salute the fallen jarl or something like that.

Rest was a miss for me.

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