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Hi all,

A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – The Underrot - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

A couple of mobs at the beggining, blood matrons of some type, get double stacks of War Cry giving them 200% haste. They hit like a truck.

Also, no idea where to turn in the quest.
Ya, here to echo the same concern. The mobs buff themselves multiple times, so idk if that's intended or not, but they end up with 200 or 300 hundred percent haste with 2-3 of them. The Matrons, that is.
This causes them to attack so fast the animations clip and carve through your health to the point that even a Blood DK will struggle to survive.
Imagine the lesser tank classes!

Anyway, really loved the visuals. Tried it with Inky Black Potion on and it actually really transformed the atmosphere as well.

Map was broken as well.
The War Cry mobs at the beginning were definitely painful. 100% attack speed prolly too high, especially since it stacks. Rest of the dungeon was quite smooth.
are we supposed to be able to queue for that dungeon via dungeon finder?
cause it doesn't show up for me.

same goes for temple

edit: nvm, it appears to be horde only unless you make a premade group.
The overall flow of the dungeon - I believe the flow of the dungeon seemed very well done, everything led to one another and was a pretty smooth run experience.

Visuals, including creatures and environment - Visuals were absolutely amazing and very well put together, nothing really to complain about here.

Boss encounters and their mechanics
Elder Leaxa - reminded me of Medivhs Guardian images in Upper Kara when he splits, was a good mechanic to deal with and pretty simple to follow. Well rounded out fight, nothing really noticeable that could be changed or anything needing improvement.
Cragmaw the Infested - Fight seemed simplistic, but there didn't seem to be any urgent warning in regards to the parasites he spawned and stepping on them. Fight seemed a little too basic with the parasites and maybe could use some form of DoT or something to stop one player (ie a rogue just sprinting over them all in a matter of seconds ) from doing everything themselves.
Sporecaller Zancha - Well, firstly he has an energy bar. The group I did this fight in did the entire fight with him getting to 100 energy but never doing anything.
Secondly, the spores he spawns around the room. I get that he is meant to do that and you are not meant to run into them as you get a stacking debuff etc, but it was a one shot mechanic in a normal instance of it. Might be a little overtuned but otherwise pretty simple to avoid.
Unbound Abomination - Now this fight just felt underwhelming and odd.
He is immune to all damage until the shield builds right up, pretty basic to follow.
Getting him to full blood shield and then knowing when to start focusing on him completely, was not visualised at all, no change into the buff or debuffs he gave.
The adds that spawn are another thing - Do they actually do anything or is it just there to pad AOE meters?
Titan Keeper Hezrel - He channeled onto the small adds, killing them as supposed to happen, but his Cleansing light was rarely cast and even stacking inside it didn't cause the rot stacks to drop.
The abomination seems to talk a lot making it hard to hear everything else going on around you.
Overall difficulty - Difficulty of the dungeon varied a lot between where you currently were and what was going on around you.
At the start the first few mobs were extremely difficult if not cc'd/interrupted. Double stacking buffs made this near impossible sometimes to deal with.
Then at the end of the dungeon, the Grotesque Horrors seemed rather underwhelming. The layout of their positions looks to be like you can avoid some of them if you want, but even the ones you can't avoid barely did damage and died before you could do half a rotation on them.
Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered - Did not come across any bugs during the dungeon.
Any other general thoughts about the dungeon - Just a few minor tweaks in places and maybe a bit more emphasis as to why we are actually in there.

Hope some other people can confirm what I have witnessed in here and can see some fixes and changes that need it!
Thanks for reading
I ran this dungeon as a bear, so everything is from the perspective of a tank.

the flow was overall pretty good. It was a little odd at the beginning when I ran into the boss not realizing she was a boss. She looks so much like the mobs before her. that said without the map working I was still able to progress through pretty easily.

I loved the visuals. the dark creepy vibe of the place was awesome although the end took sudden but not unwelcomed turn. falling down helped a lot with that.

running on normal honestly until the last boss I hardly noticed any mechanics besides the first boss spliting and somehow killing my hunter. The first three bosses were pushovers, and left little impression.

The final boss however was a shocking difficulty spike. he has an interesting spin on damaging him which was cool, I'll give him that. not sure if we were just crappy or if he vomits way to much but the floor was mostly covered in ick halfway through the fight. I liked the healing circle the healer got to clear our debuffs. Although at the end I don't know if it bugged out, goes away or we just sucked cause I didn't see it. Still I liked the fight.

overall I liked it, my only complaint was the first three bosses need a serious difficulty bump. they felt like regular adds to me with a quirk. maybe their health is to low and we burned them down to fast or something, but they need something.
We had multiple problems with the Blood Matrons at the start (mentioned earlier in the thread)

Unbound Abomination had a few problems as well, if you were using DX12 you couldn't see the puddles left behind from Vile Expulsion.

Titan Keeper Hezrel would sometimes stop casting any abilities and return to his "start" point in the fight and just stand there but it was very inconsistent.

We also had some unexpected behaviour when "stacking" for the Vile Expulsions against a wall, he would turn to cone us and would drop every stack on the tank who was behind the cone.
04/20/2018 04:18 AMPosted by Ghoststrìker

Unbound Abomination - Now this fight just felt underwhelming and odd.
He is immune to all damage until the shield builds right up, pretty basic to follow.
Getting him to full blood shield and then knowing when to start focusing on him completely, was not visualised at all, no change into the buff or debuffs he gave.
The adds that spawn are another thing - Do they actually do anything or is it just there to pad AOE meters?

You damage the boss to full energy bar, and he spawns 2 adds. Killing an add (either you or titan keepers 8s cast) will cause the boss to lose 10% of his life. The gist is to damage boss to spawn adds, then focus adds and swap back to boss. But right now its pretty easy to just cleave them all down.

Had issue as stated that titan keeper just stopped doing anything and went back to middle of fight area and stood there.

And the part that is pretty annoying is that any pet class auto aggros the boss because their pets fall straight down when you enter the area instead of forward with the players.
Titan Keeper Hezrel seems to stop doing anything after like 1-2 casts, including casting the dot cleansing circle that allows you to survive the dot stacks the boss applies to the whole group.
While this is normal difficulty so it barely matters since damage is extremely low, it should be fixed for mythic+ difficulties where it will matter and damage taken will become unmanageable unless you have a priest in the group who can mass dispel off the stacks from the entire group.
it's too gray
The overall flow of the dungeon
Though short and sweet, The Underrot was a pretty fun dungeon. It wasn't a crazy challenge, but it felt like a return to the Cataclysm style of dungeons where they were short enough to not be boring, and hard enough to not be boring as well.
Visuals, including creatures and environment
EASILY my favorite dungeon. I love mushroom-themed areas, as Zangarmarsh was my favorite BC zone. This place just hit all the right nodes for me. My only complaint is that I can't tame Cragmaw, or similar models. PLEASE let me tame these cute things!
Boss encounters and their mechanics
The first boss felt like an interesting retake on the second boss of The Nexus.
Cragmaw was a fun boss, but he had little in the way of telegraphing; he just kind of ruined my tank's day a few times. It was funny, but still!
The mushroom boss feels undertuned, as we killed him without moving around the room. His mechanics seemed to be bugged.
The final boss makes me smile, because that's one hell of a casual filter right there. The mechanic is simple; hit the boss to spawn adds, kill adds, stack up to drop debuff. Very easy, but it's such a difference from Legion dungeons that it's going to absolutely mess up anyone who's used to being hand-fed everything. MAYBE tune down the damage a little for the casual players, but keep the mechanics as unforgiving.
Overall difficulty
I'd say it's on par with Blackrock Depths when it first came out; not too hard, but a heavy emphasis on paying attention to mechanics. It's just right.
Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
As others mentioned, the matrons at the start felt a bit overtuned. Likewise, the giant red worms (I forgot their name) don't really telegraph that they're turning and vomiting; they just instantly turn and spray hard.
Any other general thoughts about the dungeon
I would love to see this place refined and ready for release as soon as possible. It's the most interesting dungeon in my opinion in terms of visuals. Plus, I really REALLY want the Crawg mount and a matching hunter pet. Please make Crawg Hunter pets a thing. Please.
Last boss is super confusing if you don't read the journal, there's nothing to indicate that killing the adds is the correct play. Putrid Blood is awkward to remove, Mass Dispel was a godsend but I can't imagine doing this on normal with any other healer. Ground AoE oneshots, which is welcome for me but I don't think other players will enjoy it that much.
Very fun dungeon. Nice fluidity one one mob to the next. Very short but not boring and challenging on normal mode.
Last boss is a bit tricky as someone else already stated above - but overall, The Underrot is a fun dungeon.
We had no issues with the mobs at the beginning.
I experienced a few visual tearings in the UnderRot. Plus when trying to turn in the quest given by the NPC at the entrance of the dungeon I have not been able figure out where to turn in the quest. There were two places where the Question Marks have turned up and no one there to turn it in. :( Plus some of these new dungeons are very tight for space especially for a Demon Hunter . That is my opinion and maybe not the norm of what other people think. All in all it's all good.

I healed this one yesterday. Omg it's cancer.
Group: 11/11M Raiders. 2 offspec healers.

Trash to First Boss

- Blood Matrons: I love how idea a mob that is more deadly and force you to think about what you can pull, though they could likely be tuned down slightly. The fact that it's AoE 100% haste on Warcry (265081) with a 25 yard range and a 1.5 second cast time, there's almost no room to out play it. Yeah you can grip (Now on GCD *which feels awful*), or other stops but it just feels unfair. Also, nice to have something to De-enrage with a druid, though there's too many.
- Left path has no Blood Matrons, right side has Two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First Boss

- Creeping Rot's (260894) animation looks really off and feels really awkward. Going in blind, I couldn't even tell they were moving a straight line until the end of the fight. I think the problem is it appears to pulse multiple times in the same spot, then moves to the next section rather than moving in a continuous line. It would be nice if it the animation/ability just moved continuously and smooth rather than doing a stutter step.
- With how Creeping Rot above works, it's hard to tell which Creeping Rot is going where during the Split phase. They all look exactly the same, but are going in different directions but you can't tell which way they're going because they appear to stutter step, especially when there are multiple close together.
- Unlike Aqu'sirr, by kicking casts, you can slowly get them to inch towards each other.

Second Boss
Nothing to say.

Third Boss
- Actually decently punishing boss. The initial application of mushrooms is quite substancial for the health pool given. Assuming this scales decently in higher levels, I think having less damage on the initial impact would be helpful to not require immunities/heavy DR.
- On the topic of immunities... Immunities... Ret Paladin Bubble + Horse, Turtle + Disengage, etc. I would personally like to see the damage (or at least the DoT) pierce immunities ala Imonar to avoid situations such as Mana Devourer and accomadate with less mushrooms or less initial/dot damage.
- Upheaval clears mushrooms on the way to the target too, doesn't appear to mention that in the DJ.
- There's a lot of mushrooms in this fight, but I think I'd like to see slightly less mushrooms or one more Shockwave, Upheaval combo to allow for more leaway because of how punishing the debuff is.

Upheaval Bug:
All spell ID's in this section are named Upheaval so I used spell ID instead
On the first Upheaval, he cast (259718) debuff on the player, but the player died before the 6 second debuff wore off and he cast (274213). He tried to cast (274213) with no target. For the remainder of the fight, he continued to cast the second and third (259718) debuffs, but never fired the actual (274213) missile component.


Cont'd below because 5k Character Limit.
Trash to 4th Boss

- Maddening Gaze isn't a look away mechanic. That was a surprise.

Fourth Boss
Love the idea of the boss, I think it has quite a few problems.
- Titan Keeper Hezrel does what he wants to do, which considering the nature of the fight, is not what we want him to do. When he is actually helpful and not standing around, he seems to prioritize Purge Corruption (if an add nearby) > Cleansing Light which often causing Cleansing Light to never be cast with enough DPS.
- On one pull, we didn't know we needed to spawn the adds by doing damage, so he cast two Cleansing Lights right away, and a third at 53 seconds. The next time we fought him, he cast it once right away and not again until 64 seconds.
- Purge Corruption IMO is just annoying and doesn't serve that useful of a purpose on a fight. He'll stun the adds off in BFE, rather than in the group. At the very least, please just remove the stun portion, it's not like those things hit hard anyways.
- Adds dropped from the boss don't auto aggro if they spawn far enough away.
- If you want to keep Purge Corruption as one of his mechanics, I would recommend having him cast or queue up Cleansing Light at certain intervals so you don't go 60 seconds without a single purging circle.
- Also would like him to continue helping through the entire fight, would be nice <3
- There's something odd with his health. His health appears to regenerate, rather than staying even. We had to kill 12 adds in order to kill him, rather than exactly 10. If you look at the chart (, his health goes up ~5% in 30 seconds. You're not using an absorb on the boss (such as on Lady Deathwhisper) like the tooltip says, we're actually doing that damage to him, and then either you're trying to put the damage back (a little too much) or there's a passive regeneration on the boss, none of which is actually showing up in logs.
- Okay his abilities, Vile Expulsion. Good thing we have had all that Argus Cone of Death practice. The center of a random puddle on Vile Expulsion sometimes lands on the far right side of the angle of cone and close meaning that the puddle extends really far to the side in a spot that should really be out of it.
- I love the fact that he just shouts all his abilities.

I think the last boss needs some work. Fight now it's doable because it's only normal, but this boss in current state (bugs aside) is filled with RNG and will be super irritating on higher difficulties hoping that Titan Keeper actually casts when you want him to.
Just finished this at 120 with an alliance group as a disc priest. Couple things hurt us, the secondary stat drop you experience as you level most likely hurt us as well as having a warrior tank as they are missing a portion of their kit currently and have no sustain.

First trash was pretty brutal, warrior tank was taking upwards of 12k a tick from the non elite worms and their stacking debuff.

Mobs that charge, swipe forward and cause a bleed were alright if the swipe was dodged, otherwise the bleed was doing close to 100% of max health. Same packs the nets thrown on random players were doing huge ticking damage, combo'd with the charge, swipe, bleed usually meant that player died in a second or two.

First boss seemed fine, no real mechanical issues and the damage was manageable from a healing standpoint.

Trash leading up to second boss was fine. I will echo statements above that the green spraying worms need some kind of a telegraph. The damage was high at 120 on normal, higher difficulties will almost certainly wipe people out without an indication that they're in the spray zone.

Second boss was fine, his charge would take off about 50% health but it was all manageable. Tuning may be needed in higher difficulties.

Trash around 3rd boss was hard at times, but doable. Extra pulls wiped us once, but taken individually the mob groups went down without any danger.

3rd boss was fine. We didn't clear enough mushrooms and when he detonated them we had 32 stacks of the dot, which was an instant wipe. Conveniently we killed him half a second before we took a tick and all died.

Last boss was problematic. One of our players had maxed settings and could not see the poison left by his expulsion. Workaround was having him stack on another player who could see it. At times the Titan Keeper would just stop everything. He'd stand in the center of the room and not aggro the mobs nor cast his cleansing circle, which ended up wiping us several times as the stacks would grow too large to manage, even with cleanse being kept on near constant cool down. We did manage to kill him after several attempts, and when the Keeper was working as intended our stacks never got too high to manage.

Overall it's a fun dungeon. Might be overtuned for fresh 120's.
The last boss is not very responsive with when it spawns the slimes. Sometimes he will get himself stuck casting for 5+ seconds and not discharge his energy.

Also, the way that he targets the cone is rather annoying. It picks a random player and is quite annoying in pugs that don't know to be near a wall, and the room fills up quite fast. I'd suggest it targets the tank, similar to last boss in Cathedral.

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