[A] New Tank Looking for Guild.

Hello. I'm coming back to WoW and since it is boring to play alone I would like to join a guild. My Friday nights and weekends are taken but I'm free other times. I kept being made to heal since MoP on my Shaman but I don't like healing. If I'm going to be something besides DPS then I'll do the one I like.

However I haven't properly raid tanked since Cata. I am new-ish to tanking and looking to get AOTC before BFA. I would rather join a guild who would be willing to let me fail a bit while I get better rather than beat my head against the PUG wall. Plus I'm a little anxious about it. *shrug* Woo.

I haven't picked a main yet for now or BFA. I like the DK which is what I'm gearing but I enjoy Druid too. Also I'm levelling up a Pally to help get over my nervousness. I do have a mage at 930 that I had stopped playing before my last break from WoW.

Thank you for your time and have a good day.
Hey Murosen! Picking a main for BfA has been difficult for everyone! So, don't worry over that.

We're actually looking for a tank, we raid on Tuesdays and Fridays, but may be changing our days up because everyone is busy on Fridays lately! We raid from 5:45 to about 8:00 and are currently on Aggramar H.

As for joining a guild that is willing to let you fail. My guild lets me tank for them, and we laugh when I screw up. My hubby is our GM, and he makes more mistakes than I do! That said, we pick ourselves up, brush off, and try again. We're casual, so we know it's going to take us a little longer to get what everyone else already has, and we're okay with that. We know people have real lives (WHAT?!) outside of WoW, and completely understand if someone needs time off, for family, or even to enjoy another game.

If interested, you can check out our website http://thewatchlb.enjin.com/ or give me a yell. I'll be online tonight, or you can just join us tomorrow and see how things go.

Battletag: Serenity#1460

Either way, good luck!
Hey Murosen,

I started a post of the currently Active Raid guilds on US-Lightbringer here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20764146423

It is currently expanding as more guild recruiters signup, but take a look and see if any of the guilds listed meet your schedule requirements and progression goals.
Hello Murosen,

We could use another tank for our 2nd group heroic, and as an extra tank to help run guild members and enjoy the challenge of mythic+ dungeons. Have a look at our recruitment post and give us a shout.


Hey Murosen,

How are you? I'm hoping you are doing great, I read your post and I think I have a solution to what you're looking for. I can go on about my guild but I'll just leave the link to my forum right here for you to read at your leisure and I hope to hear from you.


So again I really hope to hear from you as I feel we are what you're looking for, especially if you have a good recipe for lock cookies or mage biscuits....oh but wait, you'd have to sidetrack a lock or mage to pickpocket it. Oh yea that would work. :D

Look forward to chatting with you,

Happy Hunting

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