Will Achievements be fixed anytime soon?

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Hi, I know most people care about their Post History, but on a different Subject I am just wondering why me, and a whole lot of other people have their "Actual" Achievement number posted <<< under my portrait, but then if we click my armory, or someone elses, it displays like way way less, It started I would say probably 3 patches ago when something was done to Ulduar, I just remember logging in and getting some weird achievements, and that seemed to cause something to bug on our Armories

Thanks if anyone has insight on what that issue could be
There's several separate issues regarding achievements, each of which I have posted extensively on that Blizzard seems uninterested in addressing.

1. After Patch 5.2 a number of achievements seemed to lose proper tracking when it has two separate versions for each faction. Some achievements do not properly award the opposite faction's equivalent, even if it is displayed as earned in-game; which leads to a discrepancy between Alliance and Horde. Only fixed by redoing the achievement on that faction. Still an issue, even after I made a post that specifically pointed out the issue and gave examples. Y'know, 4+ years ago.

Fun fact: The total would remain correct and dynamically update as you earned achievements on inactive characters that did not log into the game. Once they logged in after 5.2, the bug irreversibly set in.

You could prove this even further with account-wide Meta achievements that were completed even if some criteria were not met according to your Armory.

2. Achievement chains that have account-wide versions later in the chain (Honorable Kills, for example) can award the account-wide version before completing the character-specific versions if that criteria is met first (for people with lots of alts, for example). When this happens, the entire chain disappears from your Armory and completely and their value is deducted from your total, until you complete the character-specific steps earlier in the chain. It won't even show up as being an achievement that exists, but still counts as missing. This *might* have been fixed with the new armory, but LOL I doubt it with this web team.

3. After 7.3.5, the Achievement Total in your armory displays only the value earned on that character regardless of whether or not you have "Show only character achievements" toggled in-game. Your actual Achievement page will show the "correct" (correct within the parameters of the above bugs in mind) achievement completion listing and point totals per category.

Obviously if you toggle the option on in-game you're going to see achievements missing, including all Account-Wide (blue border) achievements as they cannot be completed on "a character".

Once again this only set into effect after logging in, other characters would continue to dynamically update their achievement total correctly until you logged in after the patch.

EDIT: For kicks, I checked myself on the Armory app. My achievement total is "correct" (usual caveat applies) on the Mobile Armory - it's only on the armory website specifically that it thinks I only have about 3k worth of points. Definitely not the API failing to fetch the data properly, it's on the web team.

And 4. Your achievement total on the forums is the closest thing to an accurate count you can get right now outside of the game. It still displays the correct, account-wide achievement total even after the 7.3.5 bug; but still taking into account the other problems that might affect your score. I'm missing ~200 points on the forum avatar, and ~23,000 points on this character on the Armory even though I'm ~90% achievement completion and it even shows that on my page.

There appears to be a couple other issues that are newly introduced that I haven't been able to pinpoint yet. For instance, it says I have 101% Quest achievements completed when in reality I should be 99% with 1 achievement missing.

Unfortunately it's much more difficult to track down specific bugs than it used to be because for whatever stupid reason the awful armory update made the achievement page even more convoluted and useless, so I can't at a glance identify where the discrepancy may be.
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The Achievs and Progression pages are down....
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