Running of the Trolls year 4! June 9th!

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Suicide is a sad tragedy that is all too common among LGBTQ children and has adversely impacted the lives of many people in this country. I am proud to donate to the Trevor Project in order to support its efforts to reach out to at risk youths and help young people live to see a bright tomorrow.
Good run, good times; just one more in the eye of HATE.

"Charity is fine even this LGBT thing. However, this crap has no place in a game."

So we can't do a fundraiser of any kind within the game? We do it for blood donations (I've seen it done), we've given to 911 charities, hurricane relief, earthquake relief.

Thing is, a game is a community. We help each other because we play the game with people who like what we like. I can give money from Texas with someone from Oregon or New York and we get more things done. World of Warcraft is a community, a family of pixels with real flesh and blood behind it.

Here's what community does...they help each other.

I'm blessed to be in a wonderful guild who is getting together next weekend at a beach house in Florida. We have people from all over, including Canada, coming. My husband and I are driving out from Texas. While there, we're going to honor the life of one of our guild who died this week, Wheelhammer the Paladin. We will miss him in guild, in raid, in game. This is family. This is community. This is World of Warcraft.

We care.

Please, leave us to play our way. We don't dictate to you, at least be courteous enough to not dictate to those who want to help teens.
06/09/2018 12:36 PMPosted by Azoun
Why not just general suicide prevention? That's why I think people have issues with it.

Then donate to this one:

Since that's the reason why you think people have "issues" with it, I fully expect to see the current total rise. Don't you?
Thank you so much for this! I had an incredible time, some of the most fun I've ever had in WoW!

I was Bluemom the Bearmom.

Thank you again!
I was there on a newbie troll I created just for the occasion. I plan to level her so I can help stop the insanity in Plaguelands next year! I laughed so hard as I ran, watching the people in front of me get picked off one by one until there were none left, and I realized it was my turn in the barrel...LOL... FOR THE HORDE!

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