This server alive or dead?

Draenor and Echo Isles
Hey everyone. I’m not sure if people even read these forums anymore but I was wondering what the alliance and horde sides of this server are like these days. I started on this realm in vanilla and nostalgia wants me to come back here. I transferred my main to another server but my first character is still here at level 60.

So what kind of rep do the people of this server have now and is it somewhat alive still? I guess a lot of the content can be done cross realm now so it doesn’t really matter too much for population but I’m still curious.
It's alive and well.
We outchea!!!
Horde side has been dead for years
We are more alive than people think really, its just a few short weeks until BFA. That being said many players are either dealing with RL stuff, waiting for the expansion, or sadly went to a different server. Draenor really took a beating after MoP, really i think it took its biggest hit in Cata, and there are so many ways on making it better.

I will be rebuilding my guild soon later this month to do just that, and i do plan on getting it for all kinds of stuff mainly raiding and mythic plus. Draconium, it may be dead now, but it will have life soon.
Alive on Alliance, Dead on Horde.
Dead as a door nail smalls

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