[H]<The crusade>

Guild: <The crusade> Faction: Horde, Server: Thrall(US)
Raid Day's/Time's: (Tues heroic clear)Thursday, Friday (11pm-2am EST), [Server].
Tuesday: Team 2 ( 8:00 pm EST), [Server].
Progression: 6/11 Mythic Progression Moving Into BFA
Mythic +'s (through out the week).
Voice: Discord
Loot System: RC Loot Council
Contact: (Vapetricks, in game), Holloh (Holloh#1223), Oopsumissme#1917. Pridefool (Saints#1968)
Or contact me on discord: Vapetricks#7235
Wowprogress: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/4050
Recruiting: Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Druid, Holy Pally, Resto Shaman, Ranged/melee Dps.
Exceptional Classes not listed are Welcomed to trial. Casusals welcomed.!

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