[A] <A Force of Nature> LF more members!

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
<A Force of Nature> US - Vek'nilash, is an adult, community-minded guild looking for more members with like minded interests. Accepting all from Vek'nilash, Nazgrel and Nesingwary, regardless of level, regardless of interests! Social and casual. Very laid back. Not so much hardcore as we are more FUNCore! We do have weekly events scheduled, such as achievement and transmog runs, pvp and dungeon groupings and are working at building some gear teams for the upcoming expansion. Most members are in their 30s or older. If this sounds appealing for you, we would love to have you! Pst either myself or ask for an officer for an invite!
Now welcoming back all returning players for Battle for Azeroth!
Bump for the launching tomorrow! Who is ready for some Battle for Azeroth? :D
Not sure if you'll see this or not but I'd be interested in joining. I'll try and catch you online sometime.

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