Looking for Alliance raiding guild for BfA

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I have been playing wow since 2005 and have raided at every level from hard core to super causal. I started out Legion in a Mythic pogression guild. After the guild colasped I I had a difficult time finding a guild that started late enough for me since I live on the west coat but am currently playing on a central timezone server. With BfA on the horizon I’m looking to transfer to a pacific timezone server and get back into raiding.

For most of my wow experience my main has been my Resto Druid, but I also have a lot of experience on Priest, Hunter and Mage.

I need a guild that starts raid at 8pm or later pacific time. I can run 2-3 times a week, any night.

I’m not really worried about progression speed. I’m more concerned with having a good time than with guild rankings.


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