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NEW April 25th, 2018:

Pontifice, a fan, put together a survey for High Elves. 235 unique responses so far!




NEW April 24th, 2018:

Spinel, a fan, created visual mockups of Quel'danil, a home for High Elves in the Hinterlands.


NEW April 22nd, 2018:

Talendrion, a fan, created visual mockups of how a High Elf based on a Night Elf model, altered to match Blood Elf proportions and using the Human posture, would look like

Male Skintones and Hairstyles:
Female Skintones and Hairstyles:

Male Skintones (Base Version):
Female Skintones (Base Version):


April 12th, 2018:

Taliesen and Evitel release a video about High Elves


April 5th, 2018:

WoW Battle for Azeroth Dev Interview - Islands and Wrathion

Time: 4:13-5:10 (End where High Elves are mentioned)!

Jeremy Feasel "Muffinus": Yeah so as with anything on the World of Warcraft team, the things that we announce and say at Blizzcon may change significantly over the course of the year. I think what we're finding is that we love the ability to add more player customization options, it's super cool. We found that players have been responding very positive to it. So we'd like to continue doing although we don't have anything to announce quite yet. We would love to hear all of your ideas! Please post them on the forums, let us know what you'd like to see. -Points and looks at camera- It's High Elves :)


Reason for this thread:
At Blizzcon, the WoW developers asked the community to provide feedback and suggestions on future Allied Races they'd like to see - this is ours!

Purpose of this thread:

  • Brainstorming ideas how to EVENTUALLY implement and diversify High Elves, so they don't step on Blood Elves' toes.
  • We will be discussing model alterations, idle stance, animations, customization options, class selection, as well as their overall culture and story.
  • We fully understand that if HE do happen, it won't be any time soon. Probably not until every baseline race gets an Allied Race counterpart (i.e. Worgen>Sethrak; Goblin>Vulpera).

Goals of this thread:
  • Aid Blizzard in the eventual implementation of a High Elf Allied Race, in a way that is most acceptable for the majority of the WoW community by providing ideas and suggestions.
  • We do not want "Blood Elves on the Alliance" - those are Void Elves.
  • We do not want to "take away an Allied Race slot" - we are aiming for further down the line, after everyone else has taken their turn.

Please note: These threads have been going on for quite some time, and most of the arguments have already been had quite extensively. The below are some examples of the most common, and while people are free to post what they like, anyone making these arguments will likely not get a response.


FAQs/Common Counterarguments:

CLAIM:There aren’t enough High Elves left, I thought?

The Silver Covenant, the militarized organization of Dalaran High Elves (which have recently been clarified as being more numerous than once thought), have been present for many of the Alliance’s military operations in the past several expansions and have consistently fielded numbers that would suggest there are plenty of them left.

Similarly, Quel’Danil lodge in the Hinterlands and the Allerian Stronghold in Outland both show other independently organized High Elf forces that are not suffering in numbers.

In addition, Stormwind has its own High Elf population. There is more than enough evidence to suggest High Elves have enough numbers to be appropriate for an Allied Race, especially compared to what has been shown as appropriate for other examples such as the Lightforged or the Void Elves.

Source: In-game representation, out of game official canon text such as Chronicle Vol 3

CLAIM: I don’t want to see any more elves in this game!”

This is a subjective opinion, and a valid one, but not a reasonable argument against other people’s ability to ask for what they would also subjectively like to see.

CLAIM: Void Elves are the substitute

Void Elves were specifically and deliberately set up as being recent exiles from Silvermoon among the Blood Elf population. Their presence does not continue the separate High Elf story in any way and thus is not a reason for them not to be added.

CLAIM: High Elves = Blood Elves = Void Elves

Both the in-game lore and the out of game official canon texts have very clearly set up the Thalassian elves as a split people, and the themes of mutual High Elf and Blood Elf resentment for each other is what led to the creation of the Silver Covenant in the first place. Furthermore, Chronicle has drawn further attention to the fact on some level this split was in the process of happening before Kael’Thas even renamed those who followed him to Blood Elves: tensions existed between the High Elves who chose to live in Dalaran and those who lived in Silvermoon, the latter considering the former to prefer the company of humans over the love of their own homeland.

Sources: In-game representation and lore as presented through Alliance questing, as well as out-of-game official canon text such as Chronicle Vol 3.

CLAIM: High Elves will cause population bleed on Horde side.

Considering Allied Races have so far required extra steps, such as having a max level character on the appropriate faction and gating behind reputations, along with the fact that Allied Races also have restricted class options (Death Knight and Demon Hunter are both very popular classes and would likely not be available), this outcome is unlikely. Adding to that, the fact that Horde edges out Alliance population-wise slightly at max level, and the fact that Void Elves, which brought the Blood Elf model to the Alliance to begin with, did not impact overall faction balance, and this is very likely not a very serious concern.
"The Alurna Manifest of High Elves"
Note: some of the information here is now outdated due to Chronicles Vol 3, Pontifice will update it when he's able.

In the link below, we discuss in detail why the faction of Thalassian Elves known as "High Elves" is eligible to become a playable Allied Race. We look into the cultural and societal difference between "Blood", "High" and "Void" elves and trace their history.

Credit to Alurna@Moon Guard for the text, as well as Pontifice@Azralon for the page itself. Individual artists are credited on the page:
All High Elven fan-made arts to customization options and playable concepts will be saved at this link:
All versions of the OP are save in this Google Drive folder:
Leolamin testimony:
Recognize that the request for High Elves comes from all parts of the Warcraft community, here we have the testimony of a pro-High Elven OP from Europe.
I'm from the EU Forums, I would like to say I support High Elves and am passionate about them being added! But I can't show my support on US forums due not having a starter account for US! A lot of us support High Elves too!

I desire High Elves. The US forum posts are truly motivational, the amount of support they are getting warms me and hopes Blizzard is listening.

I believe there is a high chance of High Elves becoming playable in BFA or 9.0+. For Example how they ignored all the Q&A High Elves questions when they could of easily put a simple "NO" which they didn't, plus they have most likely seen the mass support on fourms. I'm just really really hoping for them now, as I now I'll roll a High Elf to main. High Elves for Alliance = my Favorite

The feeling of fighting for the Alliance as a High Elf with that faction pride will just feel so damn amazing!

Also the fact BLood Elves could be getting golden eyes now, but not blue could mean High Elves as an allied race for Alliance is more highly likely!

We can only hope though! I'm definitely sure Blizzard has noticed us though.

I really wanna join in on the US forum thread to support it etc. But It's a shame I cannot. xD

But I didn't do a very good job [on EU High Elfs threads] and it's now dead unlike your amazing thread!

— Leolamin@Spinebreaker
Yourfather's testimony:
Support for playable High Elves on the Alliance comes even from far away China!
Hello guys, come from CN server, sub to post here and to support HIGH ELF!!

Good job guys, you surely speak out for tons of WOW RPG lovers all over the world.

as a RPer in CN server both a supporter of human-dwarf-highelf triangle, it is not make sense for alliance can't even have High elf skln(you guys even have time to add a gold eye for BE), admit it Blizzard, you just bounded by you laughable discrimination towards traditional faction combination, stop it and hear the voice from players all around the world:

We need Highelf as a playable, since its absence are a shame for a MMORPG which said "they really care about their players", haven't you guys heard the wishes all over the game around the world?


03/29/2018 11:58 AMPosted by Yourfather
I'm sure it would not only me, the news of you guys are spread quick and NGA of China are talking about you guys, feel free to quote, lets do it for a dream long waiting from our all.
Spinel's testimony:
Fans from Prague, Czech Republic show their support!
Good afternoon,

my name is Martin Pátek and i am also known as 'Spinel' in Warcraft 3 communities of Brigandshaven and Hiveworkshop. I am mapmaker of W3 and co-author of few known maps such as 'Kalimdor: the Aftermath' and one time even 'Azeroth wars (LR version)'. I am not very social person and i am not active on many forums due to some real life problems. I just wanted to tell you that me and few other members of our development team are great supporters of High Elven community. Please keep up your efforts and remember that even while we are very loud, we are standing with you.

Spiny, Warcraft 3 community map designer

P.S.: Not many threads speak about Ranger Lord Renthar Hawkspear, High Elf who opposed Lorthemar when Kaelthas ordered Fel consumption. He led Quel'lithien elves and survived its destruction. He is the only living Ranger Lord still in WoW and i thing he could be mentioned alongside other important High elven NPCs. I felt kinda sad for him when i did not see him in Alurnas Manifest.

P.P.S.: Please excuse my grammar, i am not very good in english for i am mainly a graphical designer. Have a nice day! :))
Bluetl's testimony:
Now even support from South Korea!
I am a Korean Alliance player.
I can not understand long & difficult English because I am not good at it well.
I am using a translator to watch that thread.
So maybe I can't give you a quick answer.Sorry
But I've been watching High Elves thread for quite a long time.
Because I want to be the high Elves more than anyone else.
I hope your fight pays off.
I am quietly supporting you.
I can't write to the North American forums with my Korean account.
I hope the developers will know that there are many high elf fans everywhere in the world.

— @Bluetl
* This section will continue to be edited with new ideas*
Activate Rune: (Active) Unleash the power of a rune to gain a spec specific benefit for 12 seconds (3 minute cooldown).
Unwavering Loyalty: (Active) You and your nearest ally within 30 yards take X% reduced damage from all sources for X seconds. Seven minute cooldown.
Survivalist: (Active) Only usable out of combat. Heal yourself for X% of your health (X min cooldown).

Rune Sage: (Passive) Increases Inscription Skill by #.
Naturalist: (Passive) Increases resources from gathering by # or %.
Wood Strider: (Passive) Increases Movement Speed by %.
Graceful Step: (Passive) Movement speed is increased by X% and cannot be affect by daze while riding mounts.
Magi Ancestors: (Passive) All offensive spells and abilities have a chance to cause an arcane blast on your target, dealing X amount of damage.

Wanderer: (Active) Utilize nearby materials to build a fire, set-up camp, and settle in! For X mins (or seconds), the campsite is usable to cook food and will automatically give you the rested bonus.

Mount :Woodland Quel'dorei Steed. (Credit to Arreth for the modifications to the Horse Model).


Credit to Alurna@Moon Guard, Alamara@Goldrin and others from past threads.
NEW: 03/30/18 - Using updated info from Warcraft Chronicles Volume 3

Previously, it was thought that High Elves on the Alliance are the people banished from Silvermoon for refusing to use the magic siphoning technique. It was thought that High Elves living in Dalaran died when Archimonde destroyed the city in WC3. Chronicles confirms not to be the case. We now know that the citizens of Dalaran were evacuated and survived the attack. Moreover Chronicles states that High Elves -specifically- from Silvermoon renamed themselves Blood Elves. This heavily implies that the majority of the Alliance's High Elves are exactly the evacuated Dalaran survivor.

This gives the Alliance High Elves 2700 years to have developed a distinct society and culture. Moreover, Alliance High Elves have extensively been interbreeding with Humans this whole time, as evidenced by Alodi, first Guardian of Tirisfal, being a half-human/half-High Elf, as well as Grand Magistrix Elisande condamning Vereesa and the High Elves specifically for interbreeding with "lesser races". This allows for High Elves of today to have different genetics from the Blood Elves from Silvermoon, and give the Alliance High Elves a more muscular look, thanks to their mixed heritage and human genetics.

The High Elves of today have a heavy "wood elf" theme, unexplored in World of Warcraft today. Those adaptive survivors have been shown to completely overcome the symptoms of arcane withdrawal through meditation (Quel'danil lodge), and focus on the ranger aspect of the former High Elf culture, that's been largely ignored in Blood Elf stories.

To do this, Quel'danil High Elves, or the so-called Highvale Elves, have completely abandoned arcane magic, but not all High Elves have. We still have High Elf mages in lore today, who sate their hunger through magical gems, trinkets, or pilgrimages to the now-restored Sunwell.

To distinguish those High Elves from their Blood Elf cousins, who'd lively disallow those pilgrimages in the wake of the Battle for Azeroth, we propose for High Elf mages to return to a heritage long forgotten. Rune magic. Sunwalkers are more akin to "sun druids" in-lore, but are represented as paladins in-game. Runemaster High Elves would not use the arcane, but still be treated as mages in-game. This leaves BOTH fel and arcane as niches for the Blood Elves alone. Rune magic also heavily reinforces the "wood elf" theme of the High Elves.

High Elves would still be able to wield the light through, through prayer like the Humans and Draenei (who also live in Quel'danil lodge), unlike the Blood Elves who gain their light through the Sunwell.

Expanding on the "wood elf" theme, i.e. the differences between High, Blood, and Void Elves will make all of them distinct. Just like Stormwind, Dalaran, Kul Tiran, Gilnean, and Forsaken humans used to all be a part of the Arathi Empire, but are now distinct individuals.
Potential Recruitment Storylines

1. Unification: Player Characters join a named major NPC (Alleria/Vereesa/Tyrande) on a mission to visit the major settlements of High Elves and see them joined together under a single banner.

2. JUST Silver Covenant:The Silver Covenant seeks to replenish it's ranks and begins recruiting promising Quel'dorei around the world, joined by the Player-Character, aiding the gathered characters with their local threats.

3. JUST Highvale: The Quel'Danil Lodge comes under attack by the Horde. The Player-Character goes to their defense, and the Lodge thereafter pledges it's strength to the Alliance in all of it's battles.

4. JUST Alliance Expedition: The elves of the Allerian Stronghold organize and come home at last, rejoining their kin and reminding them that the Alliance is a cause worth fighting for. Their leader would then pledge the service of the Expedition's High Elves to the Alliance on Azeroth.
5. VOID ELVES as "HIGH ELF CLANS": At the start of the thread I promised to discuss a "compromise" option - turning Void Elves into High Elves. This would introduce playable High Elves, yet not be a separate Allied Race.

The story would see the Void Elves campaign for a unification of all High Elf forces as one. This would include: Void Elves, Silver Covenant, Quel'Danil, Allerian Stronhold, Half-Elves(?).

What would need to be changed:
1. Paladin class
2. Keep VE customization options, but also add those mentioned in III. above
3. Change the racial name to "High Elves".
Themurloc@Aerie Peak Suggestion:
6. Give us "Silver Covenant" instead of High Elves. Make the faction consist, in lore, of both High Elves AND Half Elves.

Give Silver Covenant PCs a new skeleton, like they're doing with Zandalari, and customization options ranging from the classic pureblooded High Elf appearance (long blue/blonde/white hair, light skin), to more human-esque features like dark skin, short hair, beards, etc.

Their recruitment quest could be about the Silver Covenant officially rallying and welcoming Half Elves, represented by Arator, into their ranks, and officially reintegrating with the Alliance.

Make it so, similarly to how the upcoming Draenor Orcs decide which clan they are from, whether your "Silver Covenant" character is a High Elf or a Half Elf depends on a mix of your own imagination, and the customization options you picked out.

Visual mockups:
Female version by Talendrion:

Male version by Themurloc (me):

Alliance High Elves have largely lived separately from Horde Blood Elves for 2700 years. It was previously thought that those people died in WC3, and the current HE population are the exiles from Quel'thalas. But no - Chronicles confirms the citizens of Dalaran were EVACUATED!
While we are at it, those Dalaran survivors now boost HE numbers exponentially.
And while we are at that, numbers are never given for either HE or BE, but they were given for events like Wrathgate. Curious.
Living and interbreeding with humans for 2700 is MORE than enough for physical differences to develop. Now we have a huge lore reason why High Elves are physically different from the base thalassian elf.
Consuming fel is confirmed to eat at someone's mind, soul, and body. Now we have a lore reason why Blood Elves are physically different from the base thalassian elf. HE/BE started as the same thing, but both have been changed, differently.
High Elves are confirmed not to have the same magic-hunger the Blood Elves do, because it was caused by Kael'thas' technique for siphoning magic from living creatures, which was introduced only to BE.
BE aren't cured from their addiction - they just don't need any other magic than the Sunwell now.
Neither HE/BE are actually "linked" to the Sunwell. Whoever wishes to use it "asks for a blessing", so no, HE won't automatically change to golden eyes.

The rest of the thread will NOT focus on "why" High Elves should be playable, but "how".
Let's brainstorm ideas how to make them LOOK and FEEL different than Blood Elves!!

There are 4 layers that differentiate "playable races" within the SAME SPECIES:

1. Player model - eg. Human vs Forsaken human vs Kul Tiran human
2. Idle and other animations - eg. Night Elf vs Nightborne
3. Customization options - eg. Draenei vs Lightforged; Blood Elf vs Void Elf
4. Theme and feel - eg. Wood Elf vs. Magical Elf vs. Cosmic Horror Elf

I. PLAYER MODEL: A model is Blizzard's artistic expression when representing a race, and doesn't necessarily need a lore explanation.

In Classic WoW, every group of elves (NE, HE, BE, Undead Elves) all used the same model. It wasn't until BC that Blizzard decided to differentiate the Night Elves from the rest, by making a new model shared between the latter 3 groups. Whenever High Elves become playable, Blizzard can simply create a new model, or tweak an existing one for them.
Similarly, Human, Forsaken human, and Kul Tiran are all the same species. If Blizzard wanted to, they could have used the Human model with an "undead" skin for the Forsaken. A human corpse still looks human after all! Instead, they made a brand new model: taller, skinnier, hunched, with unique customizations and animations. This is just an artistic expression, used to diversify the world. Same with Kul Tirans.
That said, as of Warcraft Chronicles v3, there's now a lore justification:
Alliance HE have lived separate from Horde BE for over 2700 years in the kingdom of Dalaran. It was previously thought that these HE all perished when Archimonde destroyed the city, but Chronicles confirms the population was evacuated to safety.
That's 2700 years of interbreeding with humans (see: Alodi, first guardian of Tirisfal)
Furthermore, Chronicles confirms that Fel consumption "eats at one's mind, body, and soul". The current High Elves, and the Blood Elves started as the same Thalassian elf, but now both have lore reasons to have, physically, changed in different directions.
Suggestions: Unlike the Blood Elves' extravagant, lavish lifestyle of excess and addiction, High Elves are a lot more grounded, down-to-earth, and close to nature. They either serve in the military (Silver Covenant; Allerian Stronghold), or live in the forests (Highvale lodge (Quel'danil); Farstrider lodge). The latter have entirely abandoned Arcane magic, and instead practice meditation with their allies - the Wildhammer dwarves, and the Draenei.

1. Using the BE model as a base: Make the model bulkier, more rugged, and make it use the straight, forward-facing Human idle animation.
2. Using the Human model as a base: Make the model skinnier, with a High Elven features (youthful faces, long eyebrows and ears, glowing eyes).
Art by Talendrion:
3. Using the "ThinHuman" model as a base: This is a new model in BfA. Make it stand up straight, instead of hunched, and give it High Elven features (youthful faces, long eyebrows and ears, glowing eyes).

II. IDLE AND OTHER ANIMATIONS: The idle animation is perhaps the second most important tool that differentiate races. It is an artistic choice and it creates a completely different silhouette.

The Night Elves and the Nightborne are the same race, they use the same model, and have the same overall animations kit - except the idle animations. While things like white hair and arcane tattoos are connected to lore (via the Nightwell) and their culture, the idle animation is nothing but an artistic choice.

1. Use the entire Human animation kit.
2. Use the BE animation kit with Human idle animation.
Both of these would result in High Elves having a completely different silhouette than Blood Elves, just like Night Elves and Nightborne.


III. CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: For this section, I'll break down our suggestion by location. In the facebook link below, Alurna has explained the differences between the major groups of High Elves. This could work as "High Elf clans" similar to "Draenor Orc clans".


1. Dalaran and the Silver Covenant - the High Elven military under Vereesa Windrunner, as well as the Dalaran civilians. They have lived separate from Blood Elves, for 2700 years, and are largely interbred with humans. Think of Dalaran elves as half-elves fully integrated into High Elf society, and bearing their name.

Any skin tone available to humans - from very pale to black.
Modest hairstyles fit for a soldier - any hair color available to humans, but also pale blue.
Use of cosmetic jewelry (chokers, circlets, hairnets, rings) to help with magical withdrawal.
2. Quel'Danil (Highvale) - those High Elves have abandoned magic and chosen an extremely modest lifestyle, sharing the forests with the Wildhammer Dwarves and the Draenei.

Darker (olive) skin tones from living in the sun.
More muscular/rugged appearance, due to all the manual labor.
"Wild" hairstyles incorporating feathers - adopted from the Wildhammer Dwarves.
Tolkien-inspired "wood elf" hairstyles.
Golden, Brown and Black hair colors.
Body and facial runic tattoos - both the High Elf rangers (see: Alleria), and the Wildhammer Dwarves have similar tattoos on their bodies and faces.
Facial hair - full beards to reflect their life in the forest.
3. Alleria's forces - Alleria's personal forces now reside in Allerian Stronghold in Outland. Our suggestion, to distinguish this "tribe" from the rest is for them to have traveled to Netherstorm after the events of BC and developed a more magical appearance. Otherwise, those High Elves resemble the "original thalassian elves" the most.

Hairstyles incorporating arcane magic effects.
Body and facial tattoos - like their leader Alleria.
4. Half-Elves - Those are the children of High Elves and Humans - like Arator the Redeemer, Alodi, Vereesa's kids, or Kalecgos' humanoid form, and would mostly live in Stormwind or Dalaran.

Shorter, yet still pointy ears and eyebrows.
"Normal" eyes with a magical glow like Kalec.
More muscular models.
All skin colors available to humans - from pale to black.


At the core of it, the theme and feel is the thing that has always distinguished High and Blood Elves, and always will, even if their models remain the same.
Their base themes are "wood elf" for the HE vs. "magical elf" for the BE.

"Wood elf" is a common classical high fantasy trope that is not explored in the current WoW playable races, but High Elves embody it - specifically the Quel'danil High Elves, a.k.a. the Highvale Elves.

This group of elves has completely abandoned Arcane magic, and through meditation has overcome the symptoms of withdrawal. They heavily focus on the "ranger" theme that has largely been ignored in Blood Elf storytelling. They live a quiet, modest life in the wilderness of the deep forests, together with their allies - the Draenei, and the Wildhammer Dwarves.

In terms of player model, the theme and feel can be conveyed through:

1. Idle animation - Blood Elves' idle animation conveys a sense of "better than thou", aristocracy, leisure. The straight-backed, forward facing human animation we propose would portray HE as down-to-earth, modest person.
2. Hairstyles - Many of the Blood Elf hairstyles are posh, extravagant, and anime (Goku; Sephiroth). They convey their life in a lavish magical metropolis. High Elf hairstyles would be simpler. Fit for a soldier of the Silver Covenant, or a ranger of Quel'danil.
3. Other customizations - Tattoos would bring back the feeling of the classic Warcraft 2 Ranger units. They are also a staple of "wood elves" in other media, as well as Rune Sages and Runemasters, which High Elf mages could be, if they abandon arcane magic.

Aside from the model itself, the theme and feel can be conveyed through their lore, dialogue, flirts&jokes, etc. Their main units and guards would be rangers, for example.



Most likely:

Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Monk, Rogue, Mage*, Priest (7 total)
*If, storywise, High Elves abandon the use of Arcane Magic, HE mages could be considered Runemasters lorewise; or draw power from another source, like Elune, or ley lines.

Very Unlikely:

Death Knight - It's possible, but so far in-game all High Elf DKs have joined the Blood Elves.
Warlock - we've seen HE warlocks in-game, but they are an exception, not the rule, and don't fit into their society. Similar to Twilight's Hammer Human Shamans, for example.
Shaman - adopted from the Wildhammer dwarves. It's possible, but would need a story explanation.
Druid - adopted from the Night Elves. It's possible, but would need a story explanation.
Demon Hunter - the most unlikely of all. High Elves were present in Outland at the time (Allerian Stronghold), but the ones who joined the Illidari were specifically Blood Elves following Kael'thas. This would need a story explanation.
No matter how many threads you spam, or how many times the same five supporters fill them to the limit with spamming the same posts over and over again, High Elves on either side is a bad idea that I hope will finally go away.
Stopping in to give my support again guys, you got this.
Reposting for visibility. Continuing to refine these, input would be great.

Things to discern High Elves from Blood Elves
Likely alterations/additions-
-Tattoos/Warpaint like Alleria.
-Different Hair/Facial hair styles with Blue/White hair colors and no red hair color.
-Blue Eyes/Purple Eyes. (Duh!)

Possible Additions/Alterations-
-Different idle stances. Like between Female Night Elves/Nightborne.
-Slightly different physique. Possibly buffer/metier than the average Blood Elf because they mostly live in the forest and/or highly Militarised. About as different as Nightborne males from Night Elf males or less so.
-More practical building designs. Like altered versions of the Lodges.
-Celtic themes to tie it all together.
-Woodsmen themed Heritage Armor.

Recruitment Concept
With the war in full force and the fate of Azeroth in the balance, Valeria seeks to reunite her people under the banner of the Silver Covenant. She ask your help in traveling to the various High Elven settlements to help win them over to her cause as full fledged members of the Alliance.

Also Undead Elves/San'Layn/Dark Ranger because they contrast well with High Elves.

Things to discern Undead Elves from Blood Elves
Likely alterations/additions-
-Black marks under their eyes like Sylvanas.
-Darker more muted hair colors. With White/Grey hair options.
-Grey/Black/White skin.
-Red Eyes.

Possible Additions/Alterations-
-Bandages to hide rot because they are more vain than other undead.
-Slightly skinnier because they are dead. Ribs showing etc.
-Sylvanas's "Banshee" form as a racial. Possibly Vampiric Racials as well?
-Gothic themes to tie it all together.
-Dark hooded heritage armor with silver accents.

Recruitment Concept
A small group of San'Layn survived Ice Crown and returned to their homeland to live out their "lives" in peace. They live with other undead elves and have taught them the use of Blood Magic and the powers of Vampirism. Sylvans wants to use their powers to augment her Dark Rangers and tries to get them to join the Horde.

Any additional thoughts?
Hopefully they'll extend this thread as well.
Let’s remember to Like the top 3 posts, folks.
High elves need to just say no.
Here to support this wonderful thread <3
Hi, my name is Altharien, and I'm an elf addict.
Support for Alliance High Elf allied race as always!

Btw, people are discrediting the enormous 7100 like : 500 dislike ratio on Taliesin's video because "he's a popular YouTuber and everyone automatically likes it".

Here we have another pro-High Elf video made by a much smaller YouTuber (who's also a poster here, hey!), and his video has 796 like : 262 dislike ratio.

We've linked countless polls, we've linked our survey results, clearly Alliance High Elves fans are not only NOT a minority, but in fact, a majority. :)

edit: got my T-named High Elf supporters mixed up <.<
Just don't enter too much on the wood elf theme. We have night elves for that. This discussion should be about high elves.
For the Quel'dorei
+1 as always.
So, that was the THIRD 126-page thread we cap, and the 22nd(or 23rd) overall!
04/24/2018 05:33 PMPosted by Romanna
No matter how many threads you spam, or how many times the same five supporters fill them to the limit with spamming the same posts over and over again, High Elves on either side is a bad idea that I hope will finally go away.

Would you like to enter the discussion on why would they be a bad idea? or are you just gonna say "NO, I DON'T WANT THEM "and leave?
checking in to say, high elves on the alliance please :D
How about instead of High Elves we get Nature Elves, cut off from the Sunwell they had to turn to nature magic to sustain themselves. Their defining feature is their permanent green tint.

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