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Returning to WoW for BFA?
Tired of jumping from one guild to another?
In a guild where people just sign on for raiding but there is no community?
Want to raid seriously but on a 2 day schedule?
Regardless of what your situation is, we have the answer for you...

Storm, a fresh Alliance Reroll on Dalaran is opening member recruitment. While we aim to begin raiding in Legion, our true focus will be to establish a successful AotC and Mythic raiding guild for BFA.

What we offer:
- Dedicated officer core that is already established
- Structured leveling approach to encourage/support a sense of community
- Dedicated website
- Private Discord server
- Bags will be provided to all members
- Guild Bank open for repairs
- Voluntary non-raiding events scheduled weekly for all members
- Very structured approach to raiding
- All raids will be lead by an experienced and successful mythic raid leader

What we are looking for:
- Players that are committed and serious
- Players that are looking to raid in BFA
- Players that are looking for a community feeling within the guild, no reason to search externally for anything
- Players that are looking for a permanent home

Raid Schedule:
Friday: 9PM - 12AM EST
Saturday: 9PM - 12AM EST

Sound interesting? What you're looking for? Find out more details and apply on our website:
Come check out our website!
Well that did not take long! Already getting a number of applications :)
Looking to have between 50-100 members prior to reroll
Come check it out and we may be the guild you are looking for.
Fresh start - level playing field
Roster growing by the minute
Keep em coming!
Great start to recruiting, looking forward to more applications in the morning
Good morning. Talked to some good people last night and looking forward to talking a lot more today.
This early in the process, Everything is currently open for recruiting but oddly enough there appears to be a need for DPS
<Storm> already has an extensive officer core, a well polished website and a bumping discord. There are 28 days left of recruitment. All roles currently open. Events are planned for the next few weeks to bide the time. This is a really neat opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new WoW community, and an excellent way to pass the time during this content drought before BFA.
Day 1 (14 hours in!) of recruiting has gone great so far. Well ahead of schedule in terms of growing the guild.
Get your application in
Looking for you to come join what will be a solid community. Going to kill stuff in raids, mythic +, and also get some killer transmog from old content.
Getting some great feedback about our events before we even go live! Come check them out
You really don't want to miss your chance to get in on this from the beginning.
Putting this back on the front page as we are looking for more to join us for this adventure.
04/15/2018 12:28 PMPosted by Sellsalot
You really don't want to miss your chance to get in on this from the beginning.

First day of recruiting has gone amazing.

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