Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
I've got a few characters on this server, any RP guilds out there for alliance ?
Pretty well versed on lore and culture....just looking to get a solid RP guild going, if there arent any out there, let me get a few people and we'll make this happen.
Hello, Yhourne!

There are a few different RP guilds on Alliance that might suit your interests. :) My guild, the Twilight Empire, is ICly invested in trying to form a peace between the two factions (which is a difficult thing, especially in the current IC climate, as I'm sure you can imagine!). We have a non-aggression PvP policy that allows for defense (or defensive offense) instead of a Red = Dead mentality.

Another active RP guild on Alliance is the Night Vanguard. As far as I'm aware, they are primarily invested in the safety of Alliance lands, which includes some measure of cooperation with various Horde entities as well as weeding out dangerous Alliance extremists.

Unfortunately, between my classes and work, I am out of the loop with regards to other active Alliance RP guilds. D: That's not to say there aren't more out there, of course--but there is definitely room for you to start your own if you have a different vision in mind!

While you're poking around, please check out RHTN's RP website, the Twisting Nether Gazette! You'll find information about events and guilds there, not to mention stories! You can find it at http://wow-tng.org.

Happy guild hunting! :D

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