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Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
Hello! Interested in getting involved in RP on TNRH? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below I’m going to try and keep this post edited with the latest information about guilds and the community hubs of our server cluster. If you have something to add/a correction you’d like made, please either reply to this post or send me a message, Arahe-Ravenholdt.


The Twisting Nether Gazette is a long-standing rp forum for the community, with further information about many of our RP guilds and storylines. group:
An easy place to find eachother inside of the bnet client, this is relatively new and we’re still working to build it up.

Created by the same folks that made the community website and the bnet group, this is an active place where you can easily get in contact with some longtime members of the community. This is an rp focused group, however, and trolls (the internet kind, not the Horde kind) will not be tolerated. We usually have weekly barnights/card nights IC ingame, but the time and date can change week to week, and are announced here!

Please join the channel "RP" ingame on either faction to find members of the community hanging out! This is generally used as an OOC channel for RPers.



Some of the largest RP guilds on the server, in alphabetical order. More information on any of these can be found in one of our community hubs.

Night Vanguard - Defenders of all Alliance races
Contact: Shizari-TwistingNether, Margoz-Ravenholdt, or Miriimaan-TwistingNether

Twilight Empire - Seekers of peace between factions
Contact: Katelle-Ravenholdt, Tinox-Ravenholdt, Aryänna-Ravenholdt, or Pralea-Ravenholdt

Magic Protection Service - Securers of rogue, dangerous magic
Contact: Fjalla-Ravenholdt

Borrowed Time - A mercenary group; a family
Contact: Cobrak-TwistingNether, Faélenor-TwistingNether, Megeda-Ravenholdt, or Åmalyn-TwistingNether

Infection - Forsaken only, Sylvannas loyalists
Contact: Keraph-TwistingNether, Keraph-Ravenholdt, or Nadea-TwistingNether

Rutilus Luna

Sanctuary - Oaths: Peace, Justice, Mercy, Sacrifice
Contact: Arahe-Ravenholdt, Vilmah-TwistingNether, Baern-Ravenholdt, Nojinbu-TwistingNether, Mardalius-TwistingNether, Garinth-TwistingNether, Cerryan-TwistingNether, Rhakash-TwistingNether, or Hadara-TwistingNether

Skullduggery - Mercenary privateering force, very legitimate
Contact: Chestius-Ravenholdt
placeholder post encase we need more room for info
Thanks for doing this! Infection sounds interesting, I’ll check them out.
Of course! Let me know if you have any trouble getting in contact with any of these people. I'm very good friends with Keraph oocly so if you can't catch him or Nadea just give me a heads up.
Definitely need this stickied so we can organize better.

Stickyed? Sticked'y. Stuck. Whatever autocorrect doesn't like, but important post!
Original post updated with ingame channels.
If you like this post please hit the like button and report the post -> other -> and then write in sticky request! I know over on ED they managed to get their community information stickied and it was hugely useful to them, so let's try and get it here!
As a small update, we've adjusted the main page of our forum site, to get rid of some outdated information and are now doing monthly features of guilds, characters and a featured story contest.

Also, we've done some testing of the communities features on the BFA beta and we're looking forward to having RP communities available as soon as that feature goes live. I'll be posting info on them here as soon as it does. Excitement!
Looking forward to the changes coming in BfA and what it means for TN/RH!
Bump. Love me some TN!
Original post updated with ingame communities!
Updated some of the information on the different guilds.
Just cleared out some of our old posts on the RP forums with broken links and such and put up a big old post with RP info and resources for anyone interested in getting into RP!
Reminder that if you are an RP guild on the server you can let me know to get added to the list!

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