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04/23/2018 10:12 PMPosted by Suerie
I am not in the alpha atm but taking away my artifact abilities makes me worry that Unholy will be loosing its identity as a spec.

Its a lot more than just its identity we stand to potentially loose, going by current alpha our viability and "fun" in anything comes into question :(
04/04/2018 10:50 AMPosted by Greyloren
@Manapaws aka Deathdrawn....


I'm curious to what you're so unhappy about with unholy. Looking at your character sheet, my guess is that you are still trying to do the play style from the NH and ToS tier. I say that because you have a Convergence of Fate still equipped. You don't really need it anymore.

Other than that, your choices are solid. Are you upset that you're not doing more DPS? Do you long for the old days of WoD or MoP? You're giving a general statement that it sucks, but not being specific with why.

Remember, unholy sucked at the xpac launch and didn't get better till midway through Nighthold. Which is kind of Blizzards pattern with DKs. We have a lot of issues at the beginning of an xpac and then they don't get addressed till the end of the first tier.

Sorry, kinda' lost track of the post. I was using CoF because I had no other good trinkets at the time. When I say Unholy sucks, I moreso meant the rotation / playstyle. I've been playing Unholy since Cata and the Legion iteration has just been god awful to play in comparison to any other. I'm content with my damage, but I do miss the MoP Unholy playstyle. I kind of liked WoD's as well but I opted to quit playing halfway through because the expansion was rather.. boring.

In other news though, they've showed off some Unholy changes that are supposedly going into the Beta now (which unfortunately I can't play ;( ) and so far, MOST of the changes look good. I'm sad that festering wounds are staying, but hopefully they're less prominent this time around. A lot of the talent changes look refreshing. Apoc being baseline and dark arbiter being baked into the gargoyle will be a lot better, I think, than the prior BFA iteration w/ no apoc and such. I'm excited to try BFA Unholy despite festering wounds still existing, and I think they're improving the class. However, I really long for Death's Advance to come back in it's MoP form: the 15% passive movement speed increase. I would trade Wraith Walk for it back in a heartbeat.
I'm just here to say I love Legion's Unholy. :-)
Unholy is so good in BFA that I am strongly considering making it my main (Ret Paladin, Feral Druid, Warlock).
I agree, I am disappointed. Legion was amazing!! On the unholy dk I loved it, because it’s survivabilty and I even won few times against Frost. This new expansion so far in pvp and pve I am not feeling it. I love the fact that we have the talent ability on the artifact. We just need to have some patience I am certain blizzard will do it’s best.
I love unholy, everyone i talk to that plays it seems to have nothing but positive things to say about the spec.
Unholy is in a great spot. Don't touch it.
07/27/2018 12:07 PMPosted by Dmglordx
Unholy is in a great spot. Don't touch it.

This, I enjoyed UH so much in Beta, I had to boost a DK for a new BFA main. Even with crap gear, I am absolutely loving it.
Unholy is fine.
It's not bad, but it's not great either.

It only seems great in comparison to some of the other specs that are in a truly horrible shape, but it still has lots of issues. They started off in the right direction and then just gave up.
I really hate vanilla combo points mechanics. I'd love for more pet and dot interaction but it's not to be. I'll play it because my only other option is Frost and it's even worse.

Azerite won't fix what we've lost gameplay wise.
You guys necro'd a 3 month old thread, but I still feel kind of the same.
Unholy feels extremely mediocre right now.
I'm not talking about the numbers it's pulling, I'm talking about class design in general. There's a reason that combo points were made to be shared across all targets. Target swapping as Unholy feels awful. But, either way, the wounds mechanic in general is just not fun, and I really wish they would find out something to replace it.
It's much better so far than it was in Legion IMO, but in all honesty, if this is the way it's going to be, just revert to MoP Unholy.
08/01/2018 02:31 AMPosted by Deathdrawn
There's a reason that combo points were made to be shared across all targets.

Wounds aren't combo points. People that think this should play rogue or feral to see how bloody ignorant they actually are.

Combo points give access to other abilities, which you can't use in absence of CP. They aren't just added damage to a generator. You only use one at a time as well, instead of all like a Finisher from a Feral or Rogue.

Millenial generalizations are idiotic.

Just make Festering strike apply 1-2 Wounds to any enemy within 20 yards of the target the player uses FeS on which is also affected by our Plague. Done.
All unholy needs is faster rune regen and the cost of their brez removed.

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