Cross Spec Artifact Transmog for BfA

14 min ago
So I main as Ret. Recently however, I completed both Prot's and Holy's mage tower challenges. I thought to my self, "how could would it be if once our artifacts are irrelevant and we use them to soak up Sargeras' Blade's power we're then able to mog them while using different specs".

The Silver Hand for example, has many skins that I would love to use as ret. The blue color for the Mage Tower skin goes great with the MoP challenge mode gear.

Holy would be able to use Truthguard if they're unable to get an Int 2-hander in BfA.

As for Lore, I don't see why a mage would not be able to use the skins of his Arcane Artifact while in frost spec. At the end of the day frost mages are still mages and can utilize Arcane magic.

The same goes with Sub and assassination artifacts, Blood and unholy, Holy and Discipline, etc, etc.

Make this possible Blizzard!
First off, spoilers.

I could see it be it relaxed eventually but not right after the expansion where they were a big thing tied to specs.
While I personally would hold no issue with them being opened up to all members of a given class (or even everyone under some condition), the plan is for them to remain tied to spec.

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