Peacebloom Experience (A)

(Peacebloom Experience) is now recruiting! We are an old guild looking to rekindle the flames we once had! Looking for all active PvP and PvE players both experienced and new! We range from all sorts of activities from rerolling toons to WoW events! Looking for about four new members to start RBGS but all are welcome!

Go ahead and send us a message in game for invite!
Love this guild. <3 Let Tjsoup or I know if you have any questions.
Great community, been around since Cataclysm.
03/20/2018 09:46 PMPosted by Shadowfang
Great community, been around since Cataclysm.

We went by a different name then, Peacebloom has been around since 2012 we have been a casual guild but we are looking to reform into greater and better things :)
Come on down and have some fun! We're always down to help and play with anyone :)
Need DPS for RBGS

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