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Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
I am seeking a new guild just started after not playing for a few years.
<Revolution> now recruiting people interested in pvp/pve content, questing, dungeons, build toward raid content with help getting gear for mythic level raids. Come join our team. Whisper Flëx (alt 137 for the e) for an invite to our guild.
Hello Slymanx!

Die with Honor is a casual guild on Nesingwary currently looking for active members of all item levels and skill levels with hopes of integrating you into our main group of runners. 2/3 of our guild is comprised of people who have played since day one, including our GM, so knowledge of all game related content is there.

If you are interested, you can email me at frostyguy84@gmail.com, add me on battlenet (Cuartic #1861), or add our GM (junakm11 #1298). Your dps and skill wont be judged, just your attitude. We are looking to accomplish great things in BFA, however we are also looking to have fun!

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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