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Restarted my computer as someone mention still the same message incompatible this is bull #o#o#$
The intern spilled coffee on the servers again!
Done all of the steps, still Incompatible on all servers with characters on it in my case.

Please fix, it's my day off and I wanna PLEEEEYYYYY waaaah :(

In all seriousness, hope this gets fixed!
Tried all steps in post - version - no success
Adding my name too. I logged off to get something to eat anf ehrn i came back the patch downloaded and made several servers incompatible. All the servers I play on are on this list.
Please fix this blizzard. Hasn't my demon hunter sacrificed enough ?
Im in WIndrunner and it says it is Incompatible, restarted the launcher and my computer and it did nothing.
Please join us in the following thread for info and updates.

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