[A]Harcore Player LF a Hardcore Guild 9am-6pm

Guild Recruitment
Harcore Player looking for a Hardcore guild

1. PST Looking to raid morning-day 9am- 6pm

2. Server preference: Preferably PvP but I don't care too much about it
3. Faction preference: Alliance
4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore, ready to raid 8 hrs a day Mon-Fri

5. Current progression/experience: I am a returning player from previous years of HC raiding and was on a top guild on my server back at the time on Azgalor. I started playing again less than 2 weeks ago. I managed to level a DH 100-110 and get her to 950 ilvl. I'm extremely dedicated and progress very fast.

6. Just been farming +15s currently, looking to start doing Raids/Heroics

7. Contact info: Contact me in game #11621 , leave a msg if I'm offline

It would be awesome if this guild did competitive PvP as well. I've always found that guilds that do both are the most skilled.

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