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HI am a VDH hunter main looking for a new guild for BFA raiding/current tier raiding. I would prefer to find a a more hardcore group of individuals who raid more than 2 nights a week to push content. Am a tank player i have 3 tanks that could jump into almost any fight in M Antrous. I prefer to stay horde side for M+ group comps, raid times do not matter to me to much my schedule is pretty open most of the time.
PROT WAR-https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/emerald-dream/minorthreatx
With that being said i can play most of those class as offspecs for dps too. What i can bring to a guild is a consistent tank player who pushes M+ and is willing to help find resources for players who are looking to learn more about end game content in wow. Am not looking to fill a core spot unless needed am more or less trying to find hardcore group of players for BFA. If you have any Further questions you can contact me on Bnet @epicz#1213 or discord me @Drdhk happy WoWing and may RNG be on your side.
Hi there, <Air>is a longstanding(established 2013) top 10/11M 7/9M 10/10M 7/7M daytime/morning raiding guild located on the large Alliance server Sargeras. Currently we seek reliable and skilled individuals to help us pursue our Mythic Antorus Progression. Below is a brief summary of our culture, structure, and requirements.

We offer a fun and stable environment and push progression in a reasonable manner in a fun and lively atmosphere.

We raid Weds, Thurs, and Friday 10am-1pmCST. Attendance is the NUMBER ONE thing we look for in applicants so please make sure you can make our times.-

We use a loot council system that emphasizes fair loot distribution to the best benefit of the raid and guild at large

Also we have a large, active, and skilled mythic plus community that enjoys pushing keys to their boundaries.

Additionally, qualified applicants should be appriopriately geared, gemmed/enchanted, and well versed in the content we are tackling in addition to having adequate logs.
*We currently need:*
-Rogue/Demon Hunter
-Any strong and exceptional players

*Addons we require*
-Exorsus Raid Tools
-RC Loot Council
-Weak Auras
*Please contact me at Berl#11782 if you are interested or apply at https://air.enjin.com/recruitment

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